Dash Cam videos not Playing-How to Fix it?

Dashcams are the devices that are embedded in the dashboard of your car and they keep monitoring the activities on the road. Dashcams play a vital role to ensure the safe driving and can be extremely helpful to collect the evidence in case of road rage, traffic rules violations and those who love to capture moments while traveling prefer Dash Cams to keep their memories alive. 

Dashcams usually stores the files in MOV or AVI formats in the SD card. They automatically get turn on when you start the car and get turn off when you stop the car.  This process repeats until the SD card runs out of space. Once there is no space, it starts overwriting the files and this makes SD card vulnerable to corruption. This blog post will be extremely helpful in how to repair Dash Cam videos not playing and make them safe from corruption and severe damage.

Nevertheless, if you have lost the important video that you required as evidence in an insurance claim, traffic violations or moments that you have captured while traveling with your family, then we suggest you go to try these methods to play your corrupt videos.

Dash Cam videos not Playing

What Makes Dash Cam Videos files Go Corrupt?

  • Inserting or ejecting SD cards from the dashcam in an improper way.
  • Connecting your SD card to a corrupt PC.
  • SD card is used on various devices.
  • Excessively used SD card generates bad sectors.
  • Disturbance while transferring files from dashcam to the computer can cause corruption.
  • Slow and corrupt SD card.
  • Using a dashcam for recording when its battery is low.
  • Memory card is physically damaged
  • Applying bad quality card reader for your SD card.
  • Removing SD card while Recording.

Precautionary Measures to avoid Dashcam Videos Corruption

  • You must regularly back up your important dashcam files.
  • Always prefer a good quality card reader.
  • Avoid inserting or ejecting the SD card while transferring the files.
  • Always turn off the dashcam before you ejecting the SD card.
  • Always prefer large size SD cards. 
  • Always have an extra SD card. This prevents the SD Card  from overwriting when it runs out of space.

Methods to solve Dash Cam videos not Playing

We will discuss the two methods on how to play the video when it’s severely corrupt or damaged. However, it’s always recommended to prefer professional video recovery software.

  • Using VLC Media Player.
  • Using  Video recovery software.

Repairing Dashcam video files using VLC Media Player

Solution #1:

  • First, play the video file in VLC media player.
  • To choose Convert or Save, click Media option.
  • Now add input files.
  • Now click Convert or Save.
  • Now provide the file name for the file in the Convert tab.
  • Now save the settings by clicking on the “Edit Selected Profile” option.
  • Now add or remove a profile, then click on Start.

Solution # 2:

  • First, play the corrupt dashcam video in VLC media player
  • Now click on Tools > Preference > then press Input & Codecs.
  • Click on Damaged or incomplete AVI file.
  • Choose Always fix option.
  • Press Save.

Final Words

The quick repairing of corrupt video files is all that we required. Therefore, you may try the above methods when your dashcam videos don’t play or become blurry, damaged, broken, pixelated, have poor sound quality, or pop up an error while playing. Sometimes the dashcams are not effective to save us from the accidents. Therefore we need to operate our dashcam sensibly. It’s always advised moving your required videos to your system and leave the space in SD card for further use. Moreover, before coming to any conclusion make sure to play the corrupt Dashcam video in a different media player or converting it to another format, you can also repair the corrupted video files by using the VLC media player.

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