OST has Reached Maximum Size in Outlook 2016 and 2010: [Solved]

Users of Microsoft Outlook must be getting issues like OST has reached the maximum size Outlook 2016. Many of them are looking forward to the best and effective solution. Also, having the same issue? Read the article and solve your issues. Here on this blog page, we are providing you with all the solutions related to the query “OST has Reached Maximum Size in Outlook 2016.”

What is Microsoft Outlook?

The very first question that arises to our mind – “what is Microsoft Outlook?”
Microsoft Outlook sometimes called only Outlook, is an individual data administrator from Microsoft. It is from the Microsoft Office suite. Fundamentally an email application, it likewise incorporates a calendar, task director, note-taking, diary, and web surfing.

What is the problem that arises while we use Outlook?

The main issue of concern while using Outlook is space. Clients come up with one major query that is as follows:-
Your mailbox has arrived at its greatest size breaking point at which you can’t send or get any progressively content. Void your mailbox by erasing things to make more space in your mailbox.

The explanation for this kind of notification on your device is the size confinement of the Outlook PST document. In reality, the Outlook information document has a specific information limit. Therefore, clients need to increase the OST file size of Outlook 2016.

The further sections of the article have steps to solve your issues. You might be facing some other Outlook issues like “OST file not recognized by Outlook 2019,2016,2013 & 2010“.

Methods to fix OST has reached maximum size in Outlook 2016

There are two methods by which one can easily fix this issue i.e., Manual Method as well as Professional Method. Let’s begin with the Manual Method first:

Manual Method to Solve Outlook Increase OST file size Outlook 2016

How To Know The File Type?
  1. Firstly the Outlook program must be shut. Then you will go to start. Click on the option or search for the Control Panel.
  2. After this, you will click for Mail. Users will then click “Information Files.”
  3. Double mouse clicks on the file that specific Outlook information file.
  4. On the off chance that the “MS Exchange” window appears, at that point record is .OST(Click Advanced ->“Mailbox Mode”-> Check the mode). However, if the personal windows folder appears then the file is
  5. PST(Search the crate names “Format:” On the off chance that worth is “Personal Folders-File (97-2002)”, at that point it is an ANSI position document Or if “Personal Folders-File” at that point it’s Unicode)

Outlook 2016/2010/2013 | Steps to Archive

Down beneath are some easy and simple steps to achieve your folders and files. Follow them stepwise to get efficient and effective results.

  1. Users need to first open the Microsoft Outlook on the Windows stage.
  2. When it is opened, click on File and then click on Cleanup Tools. Then you will click on Archive.
  3. From that point, users will select the Archive this folder and all subfolders alternative.
  4. After this, you have to choose the folders that you wish to archive. You will then physically determine a date under the “Archive things older than” Snap-on Browse to give another record area and at last snap-on OK.
Inbox Repair Utility

To prevent the Outlook information from getting defiled because of its huge size then to beat this circumstance, Microsoft gives an inbuilt instrument that fixes the adulterated PST record, known as Inbox Repair utility.

Other Software Solution

Also, there are many OST Converters Utilities available online that will help you all to come out from this issue. The use of this software is to convert these files into other formats. Also, this software can scan files in minutes, and therefore this step is much easier and handy as compared to the manual method.


Users by now must have understood the ways to tackle the issue of OST has Reached Maximum Size in Outlook 2016 or the issue of Increase OST file size Outlook 2016. Sometimes users don’t want to follow the long manual methods, then, in that case, the user will suppose to use the OST Converter Tool that will resolve this error with just a few simple steps. If still, readers are facing any issues they can leave them in the comment section below. We will address them as soon as possible.

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