How To Recover OST Data With Ease

Here is a detailed do-it-yourself guide on how to use the software recover maximum possible data from your corrupt or damaged offline OST files.

Cigati OST File Recovery Tool is one of the most advanced and smart recovery tools to get back maximum possible data from your corrupt or damaged Outlook OST files. The software has been designed to repair your corrupt data and save them in different other formats like PST, EML, MSG, DBX, & MBOX. In addition to it, the application is one of the safest online tools which lets users to get back data in their original hierarchy & without any data loss or data alteration.

Key Features of Cigati OST File Recovery Tool

  • Recover OST file data with utmost safety
  • Recover data in its original hierarchy
  • Support recovery of compressed as well as encrypted data
  • Let users to get back all of their data like Email, Task, Calendar, Contacts and Distribution Group etc.
  • Loaded with quick scanning feature
  • Advanced preview and search feature
  • Designed with three recovery modes to handle different types of corruption levels
  • Simple and easy to use user-interface
  • Runs smoothly on all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system

Updating the Software

There is no need to update the software as the tool has been designed in such a way that it gets updated automatically. However, if you want to know the details on various updates, you can check out our NEWS section.

How to Repair Your Corrupt OST Files

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to use the software and repair your corrupt OST files seamlessly


Step 01: Download & launch Cigati OST File Recovery Tool. Now click on Open on the top left corner of your screen.


Step 02: In the next wizard, go to Select OST and locate your OST files that you want to repair.


Step 03:Next, go to Select Recovery Mode and select the mode as per the corruption level. Standard mode is for minimal corruption, Advanced mode is for major corruption and Deep mode has been designed to tackle high level corruption


Step 04:After selecting the recovery mode, choose whether it’s a 32 bit-version ANSI file or a 64 bit-version UNICODE file.


Step 05:Now select the encryption level as per your need.


Step 06: Have specified all the details as told, then click on ok to start the scanning process.


Step 07:Wait till the software scans all your OST files.


Step 08: Next, click on Ok as soon as the application scans all your data & show the following message on your screen.


Step 09:After the software have scanned all your documents, click on Save as shown in the image


Step 10:As soon as you click on Save, a new pop-up box will appear, select the location where you want to save the files in Select folder path to save files, choose the file format in which you want to save the data like EML, DBX, MSG, PST, MBOX & Archive formats. Plus if you want to repair a particular file of a selected date range you can even do so, by selecting the dates from the Select date range section. Now click on Ok


Step 11: The software will start scanning and repairing all your OST data. So wait till the software repairs all your data.


Step 12: Now click on Ok as soon as the application shows the following message on your screen.


Step 13: And click on Yes, of you want to close the application

Installation & Uninstallation

Cigati OST File Recovery Tool Software

  • New & enhanced GUI
  • Quick scanning of all your data
  • Let users to preview OST files in its old hierarchy
  • Allow users to preview mailbox items as well

Demo Version

The demo version of this software allows users to preview all of their files and data stored in OST files. However, to save the files in your system users need to purchase the full version

Purchasing the Full Version

Users can easily purchase the full version of the software which includes all the features mentioned in it. The software licenses are distributed in three categories so choose the best suited license:

Single User

Single user license is the type of license which is suggested for one person / user to use the software for non-commercial purpose. The single user license or personal license is intended for home users and designed for non-commercial purpose only. Single license user can install the software on one or two systems at any given time.


The Administrator license has been designed for users who want to use the application in a corporate, business, academic or in a government environment. In layman terms, the given license has been designed to be used at multiple computers within a single geographical location. The Administrator license will be assigned in the organization name provided at the time of purchase.


The Technician license is intended for users / technicians and corporations who have clients or offices all around the world. The license will be issued under the organization’s name and can be used on multiple systems at multiple locations. The license in non-transferable and gives you permission of unlimited data recovery.

Software Support

For any technical assistance or queries shoot us your question at or you can even contact our software support team available 24x7 at your service.

User Interface

Cigati OST File Recovery Software has been designed with a very easy to use interface making it a cake walk even for non-technical users to use it and recover their data without any technical assistance.


The application contains Menus that let users to access various other features that the software is providing.


When you launch the software, you will find the below Menu options for the following features:

Open: You will find the Open menu on the top left corner of your tool & you can use it to add the OST files of your choice.

Stop: Click on this menu to stop any given process running in the software

Save: You may use this menu to save your recovered files in your system

Search: The following menu help users to search or locate specific files in your system

Log: The Log menu option help users to create Log files of the entire recovery process

Help: Click this button to open the user help guide

About: This menu displays you the About section of the software

Buy: Use this menu option to purchase the full version of Cigati OST File Recovery Tool