How To Split PDF File?

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to Split your PDF Files with the help of this software

Cigati PDF File Splitter is the most prominent tool that is developed to split PDF files into a number of small files. This tool is used to divide PDF files on the basis of PDF pages, size, pages number, range, even, and odd pages. Users can split oversized PDF files so that it can be easily managed. This tool can be easily run by any non-technical user, which means that no technical knowledge is needed to use this tool.

Key Features of Cigati PDF Splitter

  • Divide PDF files into multiple files that can be managed.
  • Split PDF files on the basis of Size, Range, Pages, and Even & Odd Pages.
  • Adjust the resulting PDF file passwords.
  • New Password applied by this tool into the split PDF files.
  • The hierarchy of content and pages of split PDF files can be maintained by this PDF file splitter.
  • Superfast splitting of PDF files that are too wide and unmanageable.
  • For a better experience, user-oriented GUI.
  • Supports all PDF files generated by Adobe Acrobat's different versions.
  • No File Size Limit to access PDF files.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows versions.
  • Split PDFs saved with watermark by free PDF splitter.
  • The preview option is available to preview the location of the file, file size, and file name.

Updating the Software

There is no need to update the software as the tool has been designed in such a way that it gets updated automatically. However, if you want to know the details on various updates, you can check out our NEWS section.

A quick stepwise Guide to split large PDF files and apply a new password to it by Cigati PDF splitter.

This tool is used is to divide oversized PDF files without having any prior knowledge by the users. Users can go through these following steps:


Step 01: Download and launch the PDF file splitter software first. Then choose or select PDF file to split.


Step 02: A preview of the PDF file properties will generate then click on the Next button.


Step 03: To divide the PDF file, select the split option. You can click the info button to learn more about the splitting option. This tool many options to split as shown below:


Split PDF by No. of Pages- You will receive the output PDF files according to the given number if you choose this option.
EX- 5; If the number is specified as 5, the original PDF will be split into multiple PDFs containing 5pages in each PDF.

Split PDF by Range- If this option is selected the output PDF file will be obtained according to the given page range.
EX-4 to 6; this will provide you with a PDF file containing the original PDF pages 4,5,6.

Selected PDF Pages- If this option is selected, the output PDF file will be obtained according to the given page number.
EX- 6,7,8; It will provide you with a PDF file containing the original PDF page 6,7,8.

Split PDF by Size- If this option is selected, the output PDF file will be obtained according to the given size.
EX- If PDF file size is 200kb and you enter 50kb in size then 4 PDF files of 50 kb in size will be generated as output.


Split by Even Pages- If this option is chosen, a single PDF will be produced that consists of only even pages of the original PDF.

Split by Odd Pages- If this option is chosen, a single PDF will be produced that consists of only odd pages of the original PDF.


Step 04: Next, press the Next button to start the splitting process.


Step 05: Provide a description of the PDF file for the resulting PDF files.


Step 06: You can also add the password to the resulting PDF file and provide the location and file name to save. Then press the Split button.

step step

Step 07: The file will soon be split into the desired form. Then hit the Ok button.


Step 08: Then a pop-up message box will appear in next. Just hit on Yes to close the application.

Installation & Uninstallation

Cigati PDF File Splitter Software

  • This utility has an enhanced GUI that is easy to use.
  • No file limitations to split PDF files.
  • Displays PDF file description of the chosen PDF file.

Demo Version

Try the free demo version of the PDF File Splitter Tool to evaluate the features and performance of the utility tool.

Purchasing the Full Version

Done with the demo version? You can purchase the full version of this software and can avail the other benefits. The software licenses are distributed in three categories so choose the best suited license:

Single User

Single user license is the type of license which is suggested for one person / user to use the software for non-commercial purpose. The single user license or personal license is intended for home users and designed for non-commercial purpose only. Single license user can install the software on one or two systems at any given time.


The Administrator license has been designed for users who want to use the application in a corporate, business, academic or in a government environment. In layman terms, the given license has been designed to be used at multiple computers within a single geographical location. The Administrator license will be assigned in the organization name provided at the time of purchase.


The Technician license is intended for users / technicians and corporations who have clients or offices all around the world. The license will be issued under the organization’s name and can be used on multiple systems at multiple locations. The license in non-transferable and gives you permission of unlimited data recovery.

Software Support

For any technical assistance or queries shoot us your question at or you can even contact our software support team available 24x7 at your service.

User Interface

To provide users with a user-friendly interface, Cigati PDF file splitter has been developed. This software can be run quickly without the need for any technical knowledge by any inexperienced user.

software interface