Privacy Policy

We Bother About Your Privacy

Our Priority

Customer’s privacy is our preference and we promise you that we do not take any undue advantages of the details provided by you. We take user’s information just to keep them updated with our latest services and happenings. We have to do nothing with the information provided by users. It is all about our customer’s benefit, so that they gain more knowledge and our team provides them the best solution to their problem.

Is it mandatory to enter details?

No, it is not mandatory to enter details and other information in order to access our website. There is no restriction in visiting our website. Anyone can visit it and go through any page without entering any kind of details. It is up to the will of the user that whether they want to enter the details or not. If he doesn’t enters the information nothing will cost to the company. It is just for the user’s welfare. He will get updated information from us if he enters the details.

What we do with the Information?

The information provided by the user is kept confidential and we do not make any commercial use of the information. We work according to the IT Act 2000, and follow all the guidelines given in that. We are not indulged in any unlawful activity which leads to the breach of IT Act 2000. We take the responsibility of protecting our user’s information and every user content is secured in our database with highly shielded passwords.

Encrypted Database

Information related to payments entered by the user is in the encrypted form and it can’t be accessed or viewed by us. We are mostly concerned with email ID and phone number so that we can be in touch with our precious and loyal Customers. The email ID and the phone number proves the authenticity of the visitors that they are interested.

Why do we Take Information?

Online Order- Most of the orders we get from our users are always online and we have to keep the users informed about their order details like “Date and Time of Order”, “Order Confirmation”, “Product Tracking”. So that’s why we need Email ID of the user. Our team sends various online order documents to the purchaser on the same email id.

Tech Support- We provide technical help if any of our user is having issues related to our products or services. Our expert team will mail you the solutions of your queries on your email ID.

Sending Updates- Our motive is to keep our customers updated with the latest trends in technology. If in future we come up with any innovation, we can easily communicate our customers.

Security- We take user information just to make sure that our customer is coming from an authentic source and he has not having any unlawful intentions of visiting out website. If a user faces any security issues then Cigati would not take any claim. Security totally depends on the will of the visitor. The only thing we can offer is the assurance to your security.