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Fluently Split Large-Sized PDF Files into Smaller Portions on Mac Devices

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Cigati Mac PDF Splitter is a flawless utility that assists the user to divide the PDF files into multiple smaller files while maintaining data integrity. It is designed only for Mac-based devices to help Mac users with PDF management. Moreover, it provides a facility to convert the data of the PDF files into smaller portions according to the pages or size that gives flexibility to the users.

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Cigati for
Mac PDF Splitter Tool

Splits PDF into Smaller Files100%

Removes PDF File Password100%

Applies New Password to PDF100%

Displays PDF File Properties100%

  • Easily Split the PDF Files of Mac into smaller files for their easy management.
  • Allows the users to Remove the Passwords from the PDF files and provides access.
  • Capable of protecting the PDF files by applying a New Password of your preference.
  • It shows all the properties of the added PDF files before the procedure, like title, owner, author, size, etc.
  • Divides the PDF files as per different options like range, size, pages, etc.
  • The PDF management action is performed on PDF files of Any Size on Mac-based devices.
  • Provides an option to Modify the Details of the new PDF files formed.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac is not required for the splitting procedure.
  • There is No Limitation on the size of the PDF files that are to be added to the utility.
  • PDF Files of all the Versions are supported on this tool on Mac devices.
  • Supported on all Mac versions, including the latest 10.15.7

When to Use the Cigati Mac PDF Splitter?

Split PDF File into Pages on Mac

The issue of users managing PDF files on Mac-based devices can be finished with this tool. The PDF Splitter Tool is the one-stop solution for large-sized PDF files on Mac devices. It can easily split the PDF files into several smaller files as per the pages of the parent PDF file. You can also divide the PDF file as per the size and other options.

Extract Pages from a PDF File on Mac

Occasionally users want to view or use only a few particular pages of a PDF file. However, you have to open the whole large file to view them. The Cigati Mac PDF Splitter solves this issue and provides the Mac users the option to extract particular pages from the PDF files as per the range, size, number of pages, etc.

Separate PDF Pages on Mac

The operation of PDF files to split them into smaller files is easily performed on Windows rather than Mac as it is a more secure system. Perhaps, with the Mac PDF Splitter Tool, your PDF operations on Mac have also been made easy. You can split the data of the large-sized PDF files into smaller potions and separate the pages as per your requirement.

Prominent Features and Benefits of Cigati Mac PDF Splitter Software

Divides Large PDF Files

Divides Large PDF Files

The Cigati Mac PDF Splitter consists of various features. The main feature being the splitting option. The tool can split or divide the PDF files on Mac-based devices into smaller ones. It eases the work of the users and allows them to manage their PDF files fluently without any problems.

Several Splitting Choices

Several Splitting Choices

The Software is embedded with multiple features to provide flexibility to users to split Mac PDF files. The various options available are split by range, size, even pages, odd pages, etc. A user can split the PDF file according to the need, and in all the operations, the data is kept intact, and none of it is lost.

Eliminates the PDF Password

Eliminates the PDF Password

It consists of an attribute that allows the users to remove the password from a protected file. If a PDF file is inaccessible to the user due to its password protection, then the Mac PDF Splitter can help to view and access the PDF file by eliminating the password. Users can choose the option to remove the password, and that all the tools will create the PDF file without any protection.

Encrypts Result Files

Encrypts Result Files

If the generated PDF file contains your data or some information confidential to you, you can also enable password protection with this tool. It allows you to apply a new password to your PDF files to protect them from unauthorized access. Also, you can maintain the password that is already present on the PDF file.

View PDF File Properties

View PDF File Properties

Properties of the PDF file can also be read using this utility. It is enabled with a feature that views all the important information and properties of the PDF file like name, location, size, no. of pages, etc. You can view the PDF file before the splitting process to get familiar with the PDF file.

No File Size Limitation

No File Size Limitation

The Cigati Mac PDF Splitter is the user's best choice as it does not pose any limitation on the size of the PDF file that is uploaded. You can split Mac PDF files of any size with this software. There is no limit on the size of the file that makes this utility the priority among users.

Rapid Splitting Procedure

Rapid Splitting Procedure

The fast execution process of this software is an eye-catcher for the users. It does the splitting process of the PDF files on Mac in an instant without any issues. The user can perform the whole process, including the desired features, in a matter of seconds. The resulting PDF files are generated and stored at the chosen path.

Edit Properties Feature

Edit Properties Feature

Cigati Mac PDF Splitter Tool not only allows you to view the properties of the PDF file. Instead, you can modify the properties like provide a new title, author, subject, and keyword to the resulting PDF files. It comes in handy to change the properties of the new files and edit them to your needs.

Independent Utility

Independent Utility

PDF files generally require Adobe Acrobat software to run. However, in the splitting process of the PDF files with the Mac PDF Splitter Tool, there is no requirement of the Adobe Reader. The software is an independent utility and does not require the user to install any additional software on Mac.

Supports All PDF Versions

Supports All PDF Versions

Any version of the PDF file is supported on the Mac PDF Splitter Software. It is designed with advanced algorithms to make all the PDF files compatible. There is no need to change the version of the PDF files or transfer the data to other versions. It is capable of reading and uploading all the versions of PDF files on Mac-based systems.

Fully Secure

Fully Secure

Mac PDF Splitter Tool is the safest utility to perform the split functions on the PDF files for Mac-based systems. It keeps the security aspects of the Mac platform in mind and ensures a completely secure software to manage the PDF files effectively on Mac.

Highly Compatible

Highly Compatible

The PDF Splitter for Mac Tool is highly compatible with all the versions of Mac, including the latest version 10.15.7 (Catalina). The smooth user interface of the Mac devices has been matched with this software, and the complete process is made flawless. The tool is of small size that makes it even more compatible on the devices.

Technical Specification

About Product


Download Link

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40 MB


Single / Multiple Users

Version Support

All latest Mac 10.15 and below Versions

Trial Limitations

The Demo version of the Cigati Mac PDF Splitter is available to download for free. However, the trial version only allows the users to split the 50 first PDF files. If you wish to make use of all the features of the tool, you need to go for the licensed version for Mac.

System Requirements


1 GHZ Processor(x86, x64) or equivalent

Hard Disk

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Operating System

Latest Mac OS 10.15 & all below Versions


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Mac PDF Splitter Tool Full Version and Free Version

Features of the Utility - Demo and Licensed Version

Features Demo Version Full Version
Split large PDF files on Mac 50 PDFs with watermark All PDFs without watermark
Eliminates Password from PDF files
Apply New Passwords on PDFs
Split As Per Pages and Sizes
Modify the File Properties
Save Split PDF files on Mac 50 PDFs with watermark All PDFs without watermark
24*7 Tech Support
Price FREE $19

Frequently Asked Questions

How to split PDF files on Mac using the Mac PDF Splitter Tool?

Follow the below-mentioned steps precisely to split a big-sized PDF file on your Mac-based systems.

  1. Download and Install the Cigati Mac PDF Splitter.
  2. Select the PDF file and click on the Next button.
  3. Check file properties and proceed further.
  4. Specify the page split option and press next.
  5. Assign the name and destination path to the output file.
  6. Click the Split button to operate.
  7. At last, click OK after splitting.

Can this tool divide password-protected PDF files?

Yes, you can split the password-protected PDF files using the software on the Mac systems. As you use the software, you would be glad that it does not change the original PDF file. Rather, it generates new smaller PDF files that do not have any passwords.

Does this tool change the PDF file description of the result files?

The software does not change the properties and data of the file automatically. But, it consists of an option that can do the same only if you check on that. It is the user's wish to change the properties of the result files as per the requirement.

Can I apply a new password to protect the output file using this software?

The Cigati Mac PDF Splitter has an option to protect the new PDF files. You can make the resultant files inaccessible to other users with the existing password or a new password. To enable this feature, mark the Apply Password On Output File option and protect the file.

Is there any page setting option while splitting the PDF document?

Yes, the Mac PDF Splitter Utility has a page setting option. It helps you to change the splitting options. You can split a document by choosing the option of pages, size, range, etc., as per your desire.

How to download a free PDF splitter Tool?

The option to download the Mac PDF Splitter is available on the Cigati Solutions Site. You can click on the download option and then install the software on your Mac. The demo version is provided with all the features that are in the full version. Nonetheless, the only difference is that the trial version splits the first 50 PDF files with watermarks.

Why should I turn off the antivirus protection while installing the Cigati Mac PDF Splitter Tool?

You should turn off the antivirus protection while installing the Mac PDF Document Splitter because the antivirus hinders software installation. The antivirus tool identifies some part of the Mac PDF splitter software as a virus. So, it blocks their installation. Therefore, you should turn off antivirus protection.

Why am I unable to view the Next button to proceed with the process in the software?

There may be a possibility that your screen resolution is not optimized. So, check the screen resolution and increase it to its average state.

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