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Cigati PST Compress Tool is advanced software to reduce PST file size in a fast and efficient way. It compresses single as well as multiple PST documents at once. The software has a simple layout so that anyone can use the utility with ease. The demo version offers all the features as the complete software except limited file compression.

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PST Compress Tool

Batch PST file Compression100%

Remove Attachment files

Save Email Attachments Separately100%

Safe and Reliable Software100%

  • Compress single and multiple PST files at a time.
  • Preview mailbox content to select correct items for compression.
  • Option to compress attachments along with emails.
  • Separate email attachments while compressing PST files.
  • Compress and save email attachments in a different folder.
  • Customize the destination path for the resultant file.
  • The demo version is available to evaluate the complete software.
  • It has an interactive user interface, so anyone can use the tool.

When to Use Cigati PST Compress Tool

To Reduce Outlook PST Mailbox Size Without Outlook

To Reduce Outlook PST Mailbox Size Without Outlook

Outlook PST Compress Tool reduces the size of Outlook data files without using Outlook. The software helps you to manage large-sized PST files by reducing their size. You can use these compressed files as per your requirement. Also, while compressing data files, the compact PST tool maintains the data integrity and keeps the file safe.

When Outlook Data Files Reached their Limits

When Outlook Data Files Reached their Limits

If your Outlook data files have reached their limits and become unable to store new mailbox information, you can use the Cigati PST Compress Tool to reduce the PST file size. This way, you can save a large-sized PST file into a smaller space in your system. This reduction in PST file size creates room to store new information.

To Remove Attachments from Multiple Outlook Emails

To Remove Attachments from Multiple Outlook Emails

The PST Compress Tool can reduce PST file size with or without email attachments. It has various advanced options using which you can compress only selective data of a PST file. The feature to leave attachments while compressing PST files is available in the Compress option panel of the tool. You can choose any option as per your requirement.

Key Features and Benefits of Cigati PST Compress Tool

Batch PST Compression

Batch PST Compression

The PST compress tool allows users to compress multiple PST files at once. It has a Multiple file selection feature that helps you select various files and process them in a single step. Using this option, you can easily select all the desired PST documents at once. Therefore, Compress PST Tool saves your precious time.

Preview Mailbox Items

Preview Mailbox Items

Cigati PST Compress Tool shows the mailbox items available in the file in the left pane of the screen. It displays the content of the email along with the attachment files. So, you can check the mailbox items and choose the correct folder to compress. Double click on the mailbox item to view the email content and attachment files.

Compress Attachments

Compress Attachments

You can compress the email attachments along with the email messages using the Outlook PST Compress Tool. The software has an option to compress attachment files and save them at any desired location. You can save the compressed attachments in a separate folder or along with other emails with this software.

Leave Attachments from Compression

Leave Attachments from Compression

The compress PST tool has a feature to leave email attachments and compress only the emails available in the mailbox. The options are available in the Compress Option Panel in the software. You can choose any one option as per your requirement. Therefore, this software allows you to compress only selective data.

Customize Destination Folder

Customize Destination Folder

After compressing a PST file, you can select the destination path manually through this software. So, you can avoid the compressed file to save at any random location within the system. If you don’t assign a custom location to save the file, it will get located at the desktop by default. Press the Path to Save button to select a particular location for the file.

Safe and Reliable Software

Safe and Reliable Software

Cigati PST Compress Tool is a safe tool to compact PST files of any size. It does not damage the file content and maintains the integrity of the data. Therefore, it is reliable software. Moreover, the PST compact tool is compatible with all versions of Windows. So, you can use the software whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows 7.

Interactive GUI

Interactive GUI

Compact PST Tool is designed with a simple GUI so that everyone can use the tool without any difficulty. The software does not require any prior technical knowledge. Therefore, both technical and non-technical users can reduce PST file size without any assistance. Also, if they need any help, the support team is available to help them 24*7.

Trial Version Available

Trial Version Available

PST Compact Tool offers a trial version to analyze the functioning and performance of the complete software. It has the same features as in the full software except that it can compress only 50 PST files. You have to buy the software to compact all your PST files. The buy button is available in the top right corner of the software.

Technical Specification

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105.0 MB


Single / Multiple Users

Version Support

Windows 10 and its below version

Trial Limitations

Cigati PST Compress Tool has a full-featured trial version that provides all the features as in the full software. It allows you to analyze the functionality and performance of the complete software. The free version of the software can only compress 50 PST files. To reduce more than 50 PST files, you need to buy the full software.

System Requirements


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Hard Disk

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Operating System

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Cigati PST Compress Tool Free Version vs Full Version

Comparison of Compact PST Files Tool Free Version & Full Version

Features Demo Version Full Version
Compress Outlook PST files of any size and save them to a local drive. Only 50 PST files All
Select Multiple PST files at once.
Compress email attachments and store them in the same folder or different folder.
Leave attachments while compressing Outlook PST files.
Customize the destination for resultant files.
Simple and plain user-interface
24*7 Tech Support
Price FREE $49
Download and Purchase Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce the size of my Outlook PST file using Cigati PST Compress Tool?

You can reduce the size of Outlook PST files by following the below steps.

  1. Download and launch the Cigati PST Compress Tool
  2. Click on the Browse button to select a PST file.
  3. Choose the file and press Open. After that, click on Next.
  4. Tick the mailbox items and press the Next button.
  5. Use the Compress Option Panel to enable compress features.
  6. Click on the Path to Save button to specify the location.
  7. Finally, press the convert button to compress the PST files.

Is there any PST file size limitation in this software?

No, there is no PST file size limitation in this software. It can compress any size PST file in a fast and effective manner.

Does this tool compress corrupt PST files?

No, Compact PST Files Tool does not compress corrupted PST files. It can only compress healthy PST files. To reduce the files, you first need to repair them using Cigati PST Repair Software. After that, you can compact them as per your requirement.

Where do the log files and temp files of the process store?

Cigati PST Compress Tool stores the log files at C:\User\This\Documents\ and the temp files at C:\User\This\AppData\Local\Temp\ by default. You can change this location and add a custom destination for these files in the Cigati Gmail Backup Tool.

Can I leave email attachments while compressing PST files?

Yes, you can leave email attachments while compressing PST files. The software has the ‘Remove all attachments in the new PST file’ option in the Compress Option Panel. You need to tick the option to enable the feature.

How to compress attachment files and save them at a different location?

The Compress Option Panel has several features that help you to compress attachments along with emails. Tick the Remove All Attachment and Compress them in a Separate Folder option to save the email attachments at a distinct location.

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