How to Convert PST to PDF Manually-A High Tech Guide

Are you searching for manual solutions to convert PST to PDF? Here you can find your solution definitely. This blog explains an appropriate solution to convert PST file to PDF. 

PDF is a highly secured document as it cannot be edit or modify by any other person. That’s why users need to transfer PST files to PDf format so that no one can attack. As we know, the PDF file is an independent platform that allows the user to access their PDF files from anywhere by sitting on any location. Nonetheless, there are many benefits of saving any document information using PDF files.

It offers password protection to keep data safe and protected. Now, a question arises: 

Requirements for moving Outlook PST to PDF Format-

  • PST files are vulnerable to corruption once the maximum size limit reaches, while PDF files do not have such a restriction.
  • PST files on your computer hard drive will consume a lot of storage. On the other hand, PDF file takes much less disk space, making it very compact in size.
  • PST file is platform-dependent whereas PDF is platform-independent.

Benefits of using PDF-

  • A portable file format that is independent of applications, hardware, and operating systems.
  • Because of its compressible format, a PDF is the best solution for uploading documents to the web or sharing through emails. 
  • Only Adobe Reader is required to view, open, access PDF documents. Users may secure their PDF files through limiting editing, printing, copying, etc. functions.

These all are reasons for choosing PDF the best file format. Let us begin with the conversion process.

How to Convert PST to PDF with attachments?

PST files from one computer to another PC can be transferred if anyone wants to access PST files data. Otherwise, PST can be converted into PDF by following steps as given below:

Method 1:

  1. Initially, Open MS Outlook.
  2. From the menu bar, go to File Menu and select Save As.
  3. A pop-up window appears next, choose the file type as a preference and click HTML set-up.
  4. Search and select the location to save the HTML file and hit on Save.
  5. Open saved HTML file >> do Right Click on it >> open with MS Word.
  6. Next, start MS Word, choose the File >> Save As >> choose File Type as PDF file.
  7. After saving the file open PDF file.

Method 2:

Export Outlook emails to PDF can be done in Outlook 2010 and above editions, that can be done by using the following steps :

  • Initially, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Then open Outlook and on the Menu bar hit on Adobe PDF. Four tabs will display in the sub-menu. To bulk export Outlook emails to PDF use the first two tabs :


  • Selected Messages option: 

  • It will migrate email messages into PDF.
  • Do a Right-click on message >> hit “Convert to Adobe PDF”, then to save the output PDF file enter the name and hit Save button. Then the email will be saved into a PDF document along with its attachments.
  • Selected Folders option: 

  • It will migrate the Folder of messages to Adobe PDF.
  • First, take a folder and save all the email messages in it. Then hit the “Convert Selected Folders” tab, choose that folder containing all the messages and then the process of conversion will begin.
  • Wait until the process completes. Then after completion, view the converted Outlook emails in Adobe Acrobat as PDF format. And all the attachments will be shown as hyperlinks.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method :

  1. It is a lengthy process.
  2. Complexity is very high.
  3. Manual methods are very time taken.
  4. Speed is slow.
  5. The resulting output is not appropriate.

If you have lots of emails to be converted into PDF format then it takes more time when done it manually. In such situations, the software can work properly to migrate emails into the bulk. To tackle these situations, there is third party software available i.e PST Exporter. It is a professional utility to convert PST to PDF directly in no time. It perfectly transfers PST files into PDF formats without any data loss. Go through this utility for a better experience.


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Bottom Lines

Migration from PST to PDF is important for making data secure. We have discussed all manuals and a direct approach in this guide. Hopefully, you will understand it completely.

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