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Cigati VCF Split and Merge tool is a prominent software to split a single VCF file and merge multiple VCF files effectively without altering the file information. VCF or vCard files store the contact information for individuals and businesses. This software is a single software that can perform both splitting and merging of the vCard files. So, you need not download separate software for both.

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VCF Split and Merge Tool

Split Large-Sized VCF Files100%

Merge Various vCard Files100%

Add Multiple Files at Once100%

Easy-to-Navigate Interface100%

  • Split large VCF files into smaller documents for easy file handling.
  • Merge multiple vCard files into one, so you can manage them.
  • Add multiple files to the software for splitting and merging.
  • Create a custom file location to save the output file.
  • It can break and merge VCF files of any size.
  • Supports all versions of VCF files to split and merge.
  • Safe and secure software to split and merge VCF files.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and all the latest versions.

When to Use Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool?

When to Combine Multiple VCF Files into One

When to Combine Multiple VCF Files into One

Cigati vCard Splitter & Merger Tool is the ideal option for combining multiple VCF files into one. You can use the software to join various vCards so that you can manage them easily. Also, the vCard merger is fast and effective in merging files. No file data gets corrupted during the operation, and it keeps the output data intact.

Use to Split Single VCF to Multiple VCF File

Use to Split Single VCF to Multiple VCF File

The vCard Split & Merge Software has features of both splitter and merger. So, you can use the software for any purpose. You need not download two different software for splitting and merging vCard files. The splitting operation has the same effectiveness as the merging operation. Also, the user interface is quite interactive for users.

To Split Large-Sized VCF/vCard Files

To Split Large-Sized VCF/vCard Files

When a VCF file gets large, it becomes difficult to manage. So, the best possible option in such a scenario is to break it into various smaller files. It also helps you in separating the important part from a complete document. So, you can use the Cigati VCF split and merge tool to divide large-sized VCF files.

Key Features and Benefits of Cigati VCF File Splitter

Splitter and Merger

Splitter and Merger

Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool is a single software that provides the feature of both a splitter and merger. It can split a VCF file of any size and can merge multiple vCard files. Therefore, you need not install separate tools for these two operations. Apart from that, the file is smaller in size.

VCF File Splitter

VCF File Splitter

VCF Merge and Split Tool is an excellent option to split large sized vCard files. It divides a single vCard document into multiple files without altering the file content. Also, you can use the software to break files of any size because it has no file size limitation. The software is completely reliable and secure.

Merge Multiple vCard Files

Merge Multiple vCard Files

You can merge any number of VCF files through the Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool. Apart from splitting, the utility is also suitable for joining different VCF files without corrupting the data. The software is designed to perform both splitting and merging efficiently. Therefore, it is a must-have tool for everyone.

Custom File Location Feature

Custom File Location Feature

After splitting or merging the vCard file, the vCard Split & Merge tool will save the output document at a user-specified location. You can manually select the saving location of the split or merged VCF files. If you don’t assign any particular destination, the resultant files will get saved at the desktop by default.

No File Size Limitation

No File Size Limitation

Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool can process vCard files of any size. You can select a large-sized VCF document and split it into many smaller files. Similarly, you can choose any number of vCard files and merge them into one. The software performs both operations irrespective of file size.

Support all vCard Versions

Support all vCard Versions

The vCard Splitter & Merger Tool supports various versions of VCF files. You can split or merge any type of vCard irrespective of their update. Also, the resultant VCF files are compatible with all platforms. You can access and share them via every device that supports the virtual card or vCard.

Reliable VCF Splitter and Merger

Reliable VCF Splitter and Merger

The software is completely safe and secure in breaking or joining the VCF files. It does not damage or corrupt the vCard file and keeps the file information intact. The utility is prepared with advanced algorithms, so it does not freeze while splitting or merging. Hence, it is reliable software.

Widely Compatible Tool

Widely Compatible Tool

Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool are compatible with all versions of Windows. You can install the software on your PC whether you use Windows 7 or Windows 10. It works efficiently with all updates. Also, the software has a simple and interactive user interface such that anyone can navigate through the software.

Technical Specification

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Single / Multiple Users

Version Support

Windows 10 and its below version

Trial Limitations

Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool are available in the demo version also. You can use the free version to analyze the complete software. All the features and functioning of the software will be the same in both versions. The only difference is that the trial version only splits and merges 15 vCard/VCF files.

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Hard Disk

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Operating System

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Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool Demo Version v/s Full Version

Comparison between Cigati VCF Merge and Split Tool Free Version and Paid Version

Features Demo Version Full Version
Split large-sized VCF files into various smaller files 15 vCard/VCF All VCF file
Merge different vCards into a single document 15 vCard/VCF All VCF file
Select multiple vCards at a time to perform the operation
Both splitting and merging is possible through one software
Supports all variants of VCF files effectively
Custom file saving location after splitting or merging
24*7 Tech Support
Price FREE $39
Download and Purchase Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I split a VCF file into multiple files using Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool?

Follow the steps below to break VCF files into various small-sized documents.

  1. Install and run the Cigati VCF Splitter & Merger Tool as administrator.
  2. Add the vCard file or folder that you want to split.
  3. After choosing the files, assign a Destination Path.
  4. Finally, click on the Split button to divide a single file into many.

How do I combine multiple vCard files into one?

You can merge various VCF files into a single document by using the same procedure as for splitting. The only difference is that at the last step, click on the Merge button instead of split.

Does the software support corrupt or damaged VCF files?

No, the Cigati VCF Split and Merge Tool does not support corrupted or damaged files. You first need to repair the VCF documents. After that, you can use the utility to split or merge the vCard document.

Is there any file size limitation to use the splitter tool?

No, there is no file size limitation to use the VCF splitter. You can select a VCF file of any size and split it into different files. Also, the software can merge the vCard folder of any number of files into one.

Where does the log file of the process get saved?

The default saving location of the log file is C:\User\This\My Documents\. You can change the location of the log files and can customize them as per your requirement.

Can I migrate the resultant vCard files to Gmail?

No, you can not migrate the output files to Gmail or any other email client. The software does not provide this feature.

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