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Cigati Excel to vCard converter is an advanced solution to convert a spreadsheet document into desired vCard files. It offers advanced features to make the conversion fast and effective. The software has an interactive user interface so that anyone with or without technical expertise can use the software. Also, the software is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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Excel to vCard Converter Tool

Two Modes of Conversion100%

Single Sheet Selection100%

Field Mapping Feature100%

Single vCard file of all data100%

  • It has a Dual Conversion Mode to export excel data to vCard file.
  • Advanced Mode offers a manual selection of the number of columns.
  • Allow the user to choose a particular excel sheet from multiple sheets.
  • Offers file preview feature to check the data of an excel sheet.
  • The Field Mapping option helps you to match the excel data with vCard details.
  • Create different versions of vCard files compatible with every system.
  • It allows you to give a custom file name and destination path.
  • A safe and reliable tool to convert Excel contacts to vCard file format.
  • Compatible with all Windows and support multiple types of Excel files.

Key Features of Cigati Excel to vCard Converter

Support Multiple Excel files

Support Multiple Excel files

Cigati Excel to vCard Converter Tool supports multiple file format of a spreadsheet document (.xlsx, .xls, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xltx, .xltm, .xlt, .xlam, .xla). It converts the excel sheet into vCard files causing no harm to the resultant document. Also, you can open the resultant vCard file on any platform.

Two Conversion Modes

Two Conversion Modes

Microsoft Excel to vCard converter tool has two modes of conversion naming Standard and Advanced mode. The standard mode converts the complete excel file without excluding any data. On the other hand, the advanced mode helps users to convert only specific fields of an excel file.

Particular Sheet Selection

Particular Sheet Selection

Cigati Excel to vCard converter tool has a unique feature of particular Excel sheet selection. You can select a specific sheet from an Excel file that has multiple sheets. This option will appear on the screen while you choose an excel file from the system.

Excel file Preview Option

Excel file Preview Option

The tool also displays a preview of the selected excel file, so you can ensure the data before converting. As you choose the desired Excel file using the Browse Excel button, the tool displays the Excel sheet content on the screen. This feature helps you take a look at the file before converting.

Field Mapping Option

Field Mapping Option

The software has a field mapping feature through which you can match excel fields with vCard entries. When you export excel to vCard file, you can assign the various vCard fields as per your requirement. This option will appear on the screen after you select the Excel file and press Next.

Store all Contact in one file

Store all Contact in one file

The tool can convert excel contacts to vCard file format and save all the vCard files in a single document. To enable this feature, you have to tick the option Create a Single File for all Contacts. It helps you to store all the exported data in vCard file format in a single document.

Supports different vCard Versions

Supports different vCard Versions

Cigati Excel to vCard Converter software allows you to create different versions of vCard files. The exported document is compatible with all platforms. Therefore, you can open the vCard files on any system. The available versions are 2.1, 3.0, 4.0. You can choose anyone as per your requirement.

Full-Featured Trial Software

Full-Featured Trial Software

Cigati Solutions offers you a demo version of the software. You can use the trial software to analyze the working of the complete software before buying the tool. The demo version has all the features of the full software. However, you have to buy the paid version for unlimited migration.

Safe and Reliable Software

Safe and Reliable Software

Apart from all the advanced features, the tool is safe and reliable. It can effectively export excel to vCard file format and does not damage any file content while converting. The data will remain intact, and all the exported files are ready to open on any system. It ensures the safety of information and prevents data loss.

Wide Compatibility

Wide Compatibility

The software allows you to convert excel to vCard free online on every platform. The software runs smoothly on all Windows PC provided the minimum technical requirements are satisfied. Therefore, you can install and use the software whether you are using windows 7 or 10.

Technical Specification

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Single / Multiple Users

Version Support

Windows 10 and its below version

Trial Limitations

Cigati Solutions offers a full-featured demo version of the Cigati Excel to vCard Converter Software. The tool has all the features that are available in full software. It helps users to check the working of the software. The trial version of the Software unable to show the complete converted Excel data.

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Cigati Excel to vCard Converter Free Version v/s Premium Version

Comparison between Excel to vCard converter Trial Software and Full Software

Features Demo Version Full Version
Convert Excel to vCard file format Show Sketchy Data All
Two modes of conversion: Standard and Advanced
File preview feature to check the file content before migration
Field Mapping feature for matching various fields
The exported vCard files are compatible with all Windows
Assign a custom file name and location to the resultant document
Easy-to-navigate user interface
24*7 Tech Support & 100% Secure
Price FREE $39
Download and Purchase Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Convert Excel to a vCard file using Cigati Excel to a vCard Converter Tool?

Follow the steps below to convert the spreadsheet document into vCard file format.

  1. Download and launch the Cigati Excel to vCard Converter Tool.
  2. Click on the Browse Excel button to select the file.
  3. Check the file preview and press the Next button.
  4. Match Excel field to corresponding vCard field and click Next.
  5. Choose the resultant file specifications like the vCard version.
  6. Assign a file name and destination path to the converted file.
  7. Start the conversion by pressing the Convert button.

Can this convert large-sized Excel sheets?

Yes, the software has no file size limitation. You can convert excel file to vCard format online free into desired vCard file format through the software.

Is there any feature in this tool to migrate complete excel data into one vCard file?

Yes, the software has the Create a Single file for all Contacts option using which you can make a single vCard file for all excel entries. To use this feature, tick the option that appears after the field mapping step.

Is there any risk of file corruption while converting Excel into a vCard file using this software?

No, the Cigati Excel to vCard converter tool is safe and reliable software that ensures data integrity. The software does not damage the file content while converting excel into vCard.

Where do the log files of the process get saved?

The log files of the process will get saved at C:\Users\This\My Documents in the windows PC.

How can I analyze the functioning of the software without downloading the complete version?

You can download the demo version of the Microsoft excel to vCard converter tool. It has the same working as the complete software and offers all the features of the paid version.

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