How to Convert EML to Thunderbird with a DIY Approach

There are many users who are using Windows Live Mail that supports EML file format. EML(electronic email) that represents a single email message. But it can be seen that most of the users facing issues with these EML files and want to move on to Thunderbird email client. So, for this situation, we have come up with the solutions to convert EML to Thunderbird. In this blog, all the manual approaches are given that helps in migrating EML files to Thunderbird quickly.

First of all, we should know the reasons for moving EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Why do users want to Import EML to Thunderbird email client?

Users are shifting from Windows Live Mail(EML) to Thunderbird because this Windows Live Mail becomes an outdated one on comparing to other ones. That’s why they want to import EML in Thunderbird. Thunderbird is one of the preferred desktop-based email client available openly. It offers an option to search for a message from a search bar quickly. That is the common reason for moving. You can also import EML files into Gmail if you want to use a Gmail email client.

Manual Solutions to Convert EML to Thunderbird- Know Here!!

There are 2 manual ways as given below:

Method 1: Drag and Drop Method

  1. Initially, make one new Folder. After that choose an existing folder(Inbox Folder) then right-click on it >> Hit on the new subfolder folder.
  2. Provide the desired Name(we used “EML File”). Then hit on Press the Create Folder button to make a new folder.
  3. Then navigate the path where all EML files are stored >> and choose the EML file.
  4. Go to Mozilla Thunderbird, then select a new Sub Folder (here we selected New EML Folder) >> then Drag-and-Drop EML files data from your system to the New Sub Folder.
  5. At last, all your EML files are imported successfully in a particular folder. Choose any email message to open.

Method 2: Download ImportExport Tools

  1. Initially, download the ‘ImportExport Tools’ Add-on. After this, save import-export tools.xpi in your PC.
  2. Then open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to menu >>Tools Tab>> hit on Add-ons.
  3. Click on the gear icon then go to the drop-down list and hit on Install Add-on, this will installed automatically.
  4. Navigate to the path where import-export tools.xpi file is saved in your system. Select the import-export tools.xpi file >>hit on the Open button.
  5. Press the Install Now button.
  6. Then tap on the Restart Now button to restart the Thunderbird
  7. Make a New Folder in Thunderbird and right Click on Local Folders >> hit on New Folder option.
  8. Provide the desired name to a new folder. Then hit the Create Folder button.
  9. Make a right-click on Newly Created Folder> > choose ImportExport Tools option >> choose Import All Messaged from a Directory. If you want to import subfolders as well then choose “Also from its SubDirectories” option.
  10. Then select the desired Folders that contain EML Files in your system. Then hit on OK button.
  11. In your created folder, the number of subfolders gets imported. A count of total EML files also given.
  12. Choose the Folder if you want to see all imported EML files in Thunderbird.

These are the two manual ways to import EML files to Thunderbird. But it has many limitations as well. Its limitations are given below:

  • This method does not allow you to import multiple EML files into Thunderbird at a time.
  • It becomes very complex.
  • The speed of execution is very low.
  • It takes a lot of processing time.
  • There is a need for technical knowledge.

After looking at these limitations, you will understand that it is better to opt for another solution. So, don’t worry, there is another solution for you.

Alternate Method-

You can go through the EML Converter utility. This software works smoothly when transferring multiple EML files into Thunderbird. No time will be taken by this utility. It offers a direct way to convert EML to Thunderbird. No data loss will occur during the process of migration. So, it is recommended to choose this method.


We have explained the reasons for migrating EML files to Thunderbird. Then all the solutions to import EML in Thunderbird have been given in detail. If you face any problem in manual ways then a direct way also discussed, you can opt for it also. Hopefully, you will get this blog useful.

About: Nisha Yadav