Easy Ways to Copy Gmail Emails to Computer as MBOX

The user requires to export Gmail emails in MBOX file format because either the tool requires the MBOX file format to access the mails or it is a job requirement to export Gmail emails to another Mail client. In both cases, users find the need to copy Gmail emails to Computer.

Reason to Export Gmail Email:

Gmail email content is usually downloaded to the PC for emergency recovery. Gmail mail items can be transformed into different file formats so that they can also be effectively transmitted to other mail clients.

Let’s dive into methods for exporting Gmail Email into MBOX. Sometimes, you may face Gmail Running Out Of Space Issue so, don’t worry, this can be solved easily.

Export Gmail Emails as MBOX to PC Manually:

  1. Sign in to your Google mail account.
  2. Next, go to the profile icon in the top right- corner and select your Google account.
  3. In the left side pane, choose Data & personalization option.
  4. In the Data & personalization page, choose option Download your data.
  5. Now, in the Download your data pop-up screen, enable Mail option and hit Next.
  6. Next, select the file type in which you wish your Gmail mail to be.
  7. Next, in the Archive Size option select the max file size. this will create files of size. One can select the max size up to 4GB as per your requirement.
  8. Choose from any one mode with which Google will send a downloading link. Next, hit the CREATE ARCHIVE option.
  9. Now, wait for the Archive file to generate.
  10. After archive file preparation, a link will be sent to your Google mail account. Users can then download the .zip file link. Then
  11. One can extract the MBOX file from the downloaded Zip file.

The above method will help to copy Gmail emails to computers.

Challenges Faced while Exporting Gmail Emails to MBOX:

  • This method will consume more time to generate an archive file. people tend to spend less time on any work.
  • This approach can only download Gmail emails faster on PC.
  • The converted file can be downloaded in the MBOX zip file format. to access this file one needs to run on its supportive mail client.
  • A low internet connection makes the user run the process again.
  • Only a few trials are available for downloading the archive file. After the trial period expiry, the user might need to create an archive file again.
  • Gmail mailbox data can only be downloaded in MBOX file format.

Modernized Utility to Download Google mail in MBOX file format:

On the off chance, if the above manual strategy doesn’t work for you, at that point you can attempt the best Modern utility accessible in the market. For this issue, you can basically change over your Gmail mailbox content into another file format. One such utility is the Gmail Backup tool. This utility simply converts the Gmail mail items into MBOX file format, so the resultant file will be easily accessed in mail clients like Thunderbird, Entourage, etc.


  • Clients can take backup of Gmail email in documents file formats like .pdf, .pst, .mbox, .eml., and so forth.
  • It permits downloading of mailbox content like G-drive things, schedule, contacts, and messages.
  • Additionally, it changes the Google drive content like spreadsheets, pictures, slides, Google docs, and so forth.
  • Clients can legitimately send out mailbox items to other email clients such as Hotmail, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Yahoo, and so on.
  • Furthermore, clients can take a backup of Google mail in gadgets like a blaze drive, PC framework or hard drives.
  • Date- range feature to sort mails as per the specified period.


We have discussed above the possible how-to methods and reasons to copy Gmail emails to computer in MBOX format. In general, The non-confirmed technique will make data lose uprightness, if not followed stepwise. While the modernized methodology is the best answer to explain issues this way. I hope you find this tip accommodating.

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