Simple Techniques to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

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If you are a user who is searching for the best possible techniques to remove duplicate Emails in Outlook, Then Stay tuned. In the below section of this blog, you will definitely get an absolute solution to fulfill your search intent. 

Do you know How duplicate emails occur in Outlook? Sometimes while copying, importing CSV/PST, downloading emails repeatedly, and others cause duplicate emails in Outlook. You can also read How to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue.

Challenges faced by Duplicate Emails in Outlook

These are some challenges faced due to the duplicate emails in Outlook 2016/2013/2010. 

  • Duplicate emails in Outlook affect the performance of Microsoft Outlook. That’s the reason it is required to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.
  • The duplicate emails in MS Outlook can increase the size of mailboxes, and it may lead to Outlook data file corruption and hanging issues in MS Outlook.
  • Sometimes due to duplicate emails can be hectic while searching the primary emails for business users.

Now, before moving to the best possible techniques of How to remove duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook? Let’s concentrate to clear out the actual cause for the occurrence of duplicate emails in Outlook. Once after getting cleared out with the causes, then we can apply various workarounds/solutions to delete the same or identical emails from Outlook mailboxes.

Reasons Behind the Duplicate Emails in MS Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016

Here, I am going to mention some of the common reasons that may lead to Outlook duplicate emails.

  1. Poorly Configured Rules

Sometimes, following improper rules in MS Outlook is the most common reason that results in data duplication in the Microsoft Outlook mailbox.

  1. Short Send/ Receive Intervals

In condition, when you set up the frequency between sending & receiving of data in a short time gap, let’s consider it like 5 min, you might be in touch with data duplication issues.

  1. Multiple Account Creation

Data duplication may also occur due to configuring the same email id on different systems and can be responsible for incoming data to synchronize repeatedly. It is one of the reasons that get multiple copies of duplicate emails in Outlook.

  1. Improper Mailbox Settings

Improper setting of Outlook mailbox while creating an account may also be responsible for receiving identical emails, entries, calendars, or contacts.

  1. Third-Party Antivirus Scanner

When we add any anti-virus programs in the system that perform or work on Outlook. There may be chances that it will intercept the request of Send/Receive in MS Outlook.  And due to this interception, the anti-viruses program can close down the connection to the mail server. And this repeatedly shut down may lead to data duplication in MS Outlook.

These are the possible reasons for the occurrence of duplicate emails in Outlook. Are any questions strikes to you like: How do I stop duplicate emails in Outlook?

Now, let’s move to know the best simple techniques to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

Methods to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

If you need to remove duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook, then follow the techniques correctly and carefully.

  1. Check for Configure Rules

Follow the Outlook rules and be sure that they are configured correctly. Improperly configured rules may be the reason for your Outlook data file duplication. So it is advised you check the configure rules in Outlook.

  1. Setup the Inbox Frequency

By applying the inbox frequency you can remove duplicate emails in Outlook. To do so follow the steps carefully.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook program.
  • Now, click on the tab of Send/Receive.
  • After that, tap on Send/Receive Groups and click on Define Send/Receive Groups.
  • Here, check the checkbox schedule an automatic send/receive every and define the minutes.
  1. Run the Outlook Inbox Clean Up

Outlook provides various inbuilt tools to perform multiple activities itself. One of them is Outlook Inbox Clean Up- It helps to remove duplicate emails in Outlook. Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove duplicate Outlook data files.

  • Open MS Outlook application.
  • Now, Select the folder that contains the duplicate emails.
  • After that, click on the Clean Up section.
Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook
  1. Disable the Anti-Virus

As mentioned above within the blog, that integrated anti-viruses with Outlook can make duplicate emails in Outlook. So it is recommended to disable the anti-virus integrated with Outlook. 

  1. Expert Techniques to Remove Duplicate Emails

The Cigati Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool is the most trusted and secure solution to remove duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, the utility allows users to delete duplicate emails within single or in multiple Outlook data files.

These are the best possible techniques to remove duplicate emails in MS Outlook. Follow these techniques and you may see that duplicate emails are removed from your MS Outlook program.

Bottom Lines

Well, the blog is focused on solving the query How to remove duplicate emails on Outlook. Here, I have explained the various reasons that may lead to the duplication of Outlook data files. But after going through the blog, you can remove the duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook.

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