Fixed – “Yahoo Email Not Working on Mac Mail” Issue

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The Issue: Yahoo Email Not Working on Mac Mail 2019, 2018 is very common today. The most common reasons for the issue are a low internet connection, incorrect login details, abrupt system shutdown, etc. Apple mail uses POP/IMAP protocols to access Yahoo Mail items. To fix the above issue, let’s take a look at the methods to resolve the error.

Need to Access Yahoo Mail in Mac Mail:

  • Work policies- you shifted to a new work environment where everyone uses Apple platform to be more productive.
  • Familiar with the platform- You are used to working on Yahoo mail. A sudden change of platform does not sound comfortable anymore. So, you feel the need to access yahoo mailbox in Mac mail
  • Switching devices– You switched from a windows device to apple device which requires you to have a Mac mail id. As Yahoo is less used today because of rammed information, the user tends to use in the new mail clients they are currently using.

Methods to Fix “Yahoo Email Not Working” Issue:

Method 1: Check if Yahoo mail is working

  • Open the web browser on your local system.
  • Sign in to your Yahoo mail.
Yahoo Email Not Working
  • Compose a new mail and send it yourself. Add your email address in the ‘to’ field.
  • Check for the email whether you have received it or not.
  • Check for issues (if any) report or address them to make your yahoo mail account work.

Method 2: Update your Applications by going to System Update

Every once or twice a week, Apple releases updates on IOS. Make your applications up to date. Not installing the updated version can sometimes be the reason of your Yahoo mail account not loading in Apple mail. You can even Save Yahoo Emails on your PC.

Method 3: Delete the Yahoo account from Yahoo users, then add the account again

  1. Open the Apple mail in your local PC.
  2. Go to the “Mail” option on the top.
  3. Next, choose the “Preferences” tab.
  4. In the sidebar, hit the Yahoo email account you wish to remove.
  5. Now, hit “-” in the bottom.
  6. Confirm the deletion by clicking Ok.
  7. In the end, add the same deleted Yahoo account to your Mac Mail.

Method 4: Check Mail Settings

Change the below-mentioned settings, they might be the one reason for not loading Yahoo mails.

  • Spam-Mails– In the span folder, check for incorrectly marked email messages.
  • Blocked Login ID – Check if the mail address is mistakenly blocked.
  • Email Filters – Make sure that the emails get sorted to their respective folders. It makes the process easy to find the incoming mails that are still unread.
  • Reply-to address – Ensure that ‘reply to’ field remains blank while sending a mail to yourself.

Method 5: Stop using Security Applications for the time being

Sometimes antispyware, antivirus, firewall, etc, applications prevent a user to access Yahoo contents in Apple mail. So, a user can disable the security application while working on Yahoo mail account or Mac mail.

  1. Navigate the program’s help pages for operating instructions on how to disable it.
  2. After disabling, check if you are still facing the issue to access Yahoo mail in Mac mail.
  3. If the security application is the reason for this issue, then disable the security application until you are working on Yahoo mail.
  4. After working on Yahoo mail, re-enable all the security application to secure your files from virus or intruders.

Method 6: Disable Auto-forwarding

Enabling auto-forwarding might stop Mac mails from accessing Yahoo mail. To check the auto-forwarding option, go to “Settings” tab and choose the Mail option. Next, hit on “Auto forward” to view the auto-forwarding rules.

Method 7: Incorrect Server Details

Make sure to check the server address before continuing to access Yahoo mail in Mac mail.

  • POP3 incoming server:
  • Port: 995
  • Protocol: SSL
  • IMAP incoming mail server:
  • Port :993,
  • Protocol: SSL
  • SMTP outgoing mail server:
  • Port:465 or 587
  • Protocol: SSL
  • NEWS server:

Method 8: Put the Account to Offline mode.

Apple has its tactics to deal with the issue. First, it makes the account to offline mode then set it back to online mode. This method reinforces the connection between Apple mail and Yahoo mail server.

  • In Apple Mail, go to the “Mailbox” tab and choose the option “Take All Accounts Offline”.
  • Return to the “Mailbox” option and choose “Get All New Mail” tab.
  • This method will make your Yahoo account to load mails forcefully.

Method 9: Quit and Re-open the Application

One of the easiest things a user can do in this case is simple exiting the Apple mail and opening it again. Restarting the application removes all the working application process working in the background. One can also press ”Command+ Q” instead.

Method 10: Check the entered Login Details

  1. Always user correct login id to Yahoo mail content. Entering incorrect user id will prevent you from accessing Yahoo mailbox content in Mac mail.
  2. Email – Your correct email address (
  3. Password – Choose a complicated password that includes characters, upper-lower keys and numbers as well.
  4. Requires authentication – Allow the mail authenticate (select Yes).

The above methods will help you resolve the issue: Yahoo email not working on Mac mail 2019, 2018.

If the standard method doesn’t fit for you, then you can always go for a modernized utility that offers the best solutions to solve the issue. The standard approach comes with limitations. The drawbacks of the standard approach are: it requires technical expertise to solve the issue, the method can be extra time consuming, etc. One such utility is the Yahoo Backup Tool.


We have discussed the standardized methods as well as the modernized method, one can use to resolve the issue: Yahoo email not working on Mac mail 2019, 2018. Users opt standardized approach to save money but, they must remember options that are available for free always lack in some way or the other. I hope you find this tip helpful.

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