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Advanced PDF Password Remover For Mac Users to Disable PDF Encryption

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Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover is the most reliable and secure tool for Mac users to disable password protection from PDF files. It removes multiple security parameters from PDFs without altering the file content. However, you have to enter the file password while selecting the PDF. Moreover, the software provides you with various advanced options, so you can easily remove PDF passwords. Apart from that, the tool is built with an intuitive user interface.

Mac PDF Password Remover Tool Box

Note: You need to provide the existing PDF Password to unlock PDF files.

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Cigati for
Mac PDF Password Remover Tool

Remove User and Owner Password100%

Supports all Versions of PDF Files100%

Modify Resultant File Description100%

Full-Featured Trial Version100%

  • Disable user password and owner password from PDF files in Mac.
  • It supports all PDF versions created by Adobe Acrobat and unlocks them efficiently.
  • Permit editing, printing, and modifying the content in the resultant PDF file.
  • Show the PDF details before removing the PDF password.
  • Feature to change or create the PDF description of the output file.
  • Option to select multiple files at a time to minimize the time and effort.
  • Facility to customize the file name and destination location of resultant PDFs.
  • Full-featured demo version to evaluate the performance of the premium version.
  • An intuitive user interface makes the tool easy to use for both experts and beginners.
  • It works effectively on all versions of the Mac Operating System.

When to Use Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover?

To unlock a password-protected PDF file.

The Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover is a suitable option for users who do not have much technical knowledge and want to remove passwords from the PDF files. They can easily unlock the files in a few simple steps. It is the best alternative to complicated manual procedures.

While creating a duplicate PDF file without security parameters

You can also use the tool to create a file with the same file content but different properties. The software does not alter the original file. Instead, it produces a duplicate PDF file without the security parameters.

To disable the owner password from the file.

Owner password gives you owner access means you can edit the PDF file content. The Mac PDF Password Remover provides you an option to disable the owner password from a PDF file on your Mac PC. Therefore, you can modify the file as per your requirements.

Salient Features and Benefits of Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover

Disable Password from PDFs

Disable Password from PDFs

Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover tool is efficient in removing both user and owner passwords from a PDF. It helps Mac users to disable the password protection from PDF files without damaging the file content. Apart from passwords, you can eliminate all security parameters from a PDF file in Mac.

Select Multiple PDFs Simultaneously

Select Multiple PDFs Simultaneously

The PDF Password Remover for Mac has the multiple file selection feature using which you can choose various PDFs and remove password protection from them. This feature helps users in unlocking all desired PDF files at once. Therefore, it saves their valuable time and effort. While selecting multiple files, no file will be damaged.

Display PDF Descriptions

Display PDF Descriptions

Before unlocking the file, you can see the various file details like title, subject, author, keyword, PDF version, number of pages, etc. It helps you to identify the correct file to remove PDF password Mac. This information is related to the original PDF file; you can not make any changes to these details.

Modify Resultant PDF Details

Modify Resultant PDF Details

The Mac PDF Password Remover can modify the details of the output PDF file. You can change the information like title, author, subject, keyword, PDF versions of the resultant PDF file using the software. However, it does not alter the details of the original PDF file. All the changes are made in the newly created PDF file.

Disable Various Encryption Levels

Disable Various Encryption Levels

You can disable various security parameters from a PDF file using the PDF password remover Mac online. It provides a feature to remove different encryption levels from the PDF. Therefore, if your PDF is locked with a high encryption level, this utility is the best option for Mac users to remove the encryption.

Unlock Any PDF File

Unlock Any PDF File

The best thing about the tool is that you can unlock any PDF file created by any Adobe Acrobat version. The PDF password remover for Mac is not developed for a specific PDF version. You can decrypt PDFs of any version. Also, the utility does not damage the file content; it maintains the data integrity while disabling the password.

Assign Custom Name and Destination

Assign Custom Name and Destination

The Mac PDF Password Remover gives you a feature to assign a custom name and destination path to the resultant PDF. You can choose any custom name for the file and define the saving location as per your preference. However, without manual details, the file will get saved at the default location with an automatic naming convention.

Simple and Interactive GUI

Simple and Interactive GUI

The main characteristic of the software is that you do not need any technical expertise to use the software. The user interface of the software is interactive and user-friendly. Any novice user can easily remove PDF password Mac from a highly secured file without any additional assistance. It increases the reliability of the software.

Featured Trial Software

Featured Trial Software

The demo version is mainly designed for analyzing the performance and features of the complete software. You can use the trial software and remove PDF password protection from Mac. However, the main limitation of the free version is that it creates the output file with a watermark on the pages.

Support All Versions of Mac OS

Support All Versions of Mac OS

You can install and run the Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover on your Mac PC as the software is compatible with every version of Mac OS. The tool is developed to fulfill the requirement of all modern users. You can use the software on a system with minimum software specifications. Therefore, it is the optimum solution for Mac users to remove password protection.

Technical Specification

About Product


Download Link

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65.0 MB


Single / Multiple Users

Version Support

All major versions of Mac OS

Trial Limitations

The demo version allows you to evaluate the features and performance of Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover. It has the same functionality as the complete software except that it creates the output file with a watermark. Buy the complete software to remove PDF password protection in your Mac without a watermark.

System Requirements


Intel® Pentium 1 GHz Processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Hard Disk

500 MB of free Hard Disk Space is required


512 MB (1GB Recommended)

Operating System

OS X Mountain Lion(10.8), OS X Mavericks(10.9), OS X Yosemite(10.10), OS X El Capitan(10.11), macOS Sierra(10.12), macOS High Sierra(10.13), OS X Mojave(10.14)


To run this tool smoothly on Mac, follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Launch Mac OS.
  2. Go to the Finder Bar >> Go menu.
  3. Select the Applications option.
  4. Choose System Preferences.
  5. Click on the Security & Privacy.
  6. Here, select the Firewall tab, and choose to Turn Off the firewall.
If Yes! Please disable your antivirus temporarily or allow access from its setting so that the software can carry out its function.
It is advised to avoid the source file from any shared drives or networks (NAS, SAN, LAN, and WAN) as it should be on the same working machine.

Mac PDF Unlocker Demo Version and Full Version

Comparison Between Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover Free Software and Premium Software

Features Demo Version Full Version
Multiple PDF file selection features to save time and effort
Disable the user password and owner password
Show PDF file description before disabling security parameters
Feature to change file descriptions of resultant documents
Support all versions of PDF files
Saves unlocked PDF file With Watermark Saves Original
24*7 Tech Support
Price FREE $29
Download and Purchase Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove password protection from a PDF on Mac using the Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover?

To remove the PDF password protection in Mac you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open Cigati Mac PDF Password Protection Remover and choose the desired PDF file.
  2. Enter the file password and press Next. You will see PDF file properties, again press Next.
  3. Choose the file details that you want to change and assign new details.
  4. Give a custom name and destination folder. After that, click on the Unlock button.
  5. At last, your PDF password has been removed on your Mac PC.

Can I remove the owner's password from a PDF file?

Yes, you can remove the Owner password from a PDF file using the PDF Unlocker for Mac. After selecting the PDF file, you will be asked which password you want to remove from the PDF file. Opt for the owner's password and proceed further. You can also disable both user passwords and owner passwords.

Does this tool help me to unlock multiple PDF files at once?

The Cigati Mac PDF Password Remover provides you a feature to select multiple files at once. You can choose as many PDFs as you want. Also, you can select a complete folder. This feature will save your time and effort. Also, the file content will remain intact after password removal.

Will the original PDF remain safe after removing the password?

Yes, the PDF Password remover for Mac does not make any change in the original file. Instead, it creates a duplicate PDF file with modified file properties and the same file content.

Does this utility remove all types of encryption from the PDF file?

You can remove different levels of encryption using the PDF Unlocker for Mac. The tool is developed by considering the user’s requirements. So, it can decrypt higher levels of encryptions from PDF files.

How to change the PDF file properties on Mac?

You can use the Mac PDF password remover software to change the file properties. It can change the file descriptions along with removing restrictions from the PDF file. Select the desired PDF file, and you will see an option to manually assign file specifications. Tick in the detail that you want to change.

Is there any limitation in the demo version of the software?

Yes, the main limitation of the demo version is that the resultant file contains a watermark. All the features and specifications of the free software are the same except this. You have to buy the complete software to disable the security parameters from the PDF file on Mac.

Do I need to install any additional application to use the tool on my Mac PC?

No, you do not have to install any additional software. The PDF Unlocker Mac Free is an independent and complete software. You can remove any password protection and disable the security parameters without installing Adobe Acrobat or any other similar software.

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