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Successfully merges multiple PDF files into one

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  • Can merge multiple PDF files into a single file without any data alteration.
  • There is no file size limitation. Users can select any file size.
  • PDF Merge software supports password-protected PDF files.
  • No requirement of Adobe Acrobat or Reader.
  • Facilitates users to apply password protection on the resultant PDF file.
  • Availability of Page Range Setting feature to determine file settings.
  • The PDF merge tool has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Enables users to modify the Metadata properties of an Output PDF document.
  • Supports all Windows-based operating systems including Windows 10.
  • Download the free demo version of PDF Merge tool to merge PDF files.
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Why Cigati PDF Merge Software is a Better Choice?

To merge the PDF files, the PDF merge tool is the best fit. Where other PDF merge software lacks the features, the Cigati’s utility is feature and function-rich.PDF merge tool provides the ultimate solution to merge multiple PDF files into a single file on Windows OS. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to manage a large number of PDF files. The PDF Merge software makes PDF management tasks much easier and effortless. Users can successfully merge PDF documents into a single PDF file without causing any alteration or data loss. It doesn't require Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Any technical or novice user can use this software with ease. Moreover, with its PDF Merge utility users can manage their files easily. These features altogether make this utility one of the best software to merge PDF files.


Thanks to the team of Cigati Solutions for developing such a great and advanced utility that can easily combine the PDF files with fewer efforts and in no time.


Again, Cigati has introduced an amazing software that is the best tool to merge PDF files. The tool also supports password-protected PDF files by entering the right password.


Cigati PDF Merge software is a highly advanced tool. The tool is capable enough to combine multiple PDF files at one go easily.


With no doubt, this is the best available utility to combine the PDF file. The software performed really well in all the test cases.

Key Features and Benefits of Cigati PDF Merge Tool

Merge PDF Documents

Merge PDF Documents

This PDF Merge software can merge multiple pdf files without any manual effort. The tool has the ability to safely merge multiple PDF files into one without any alteration in data or data loss. The original PDF documents remain intact.

Demonstrate File Information

Demonstrate File Information

Once users have selected the PDF files for merging purposes, the software will start to merge PDFs and unveil the entire information of PDF files. The software previews the information like file name, size, and the number of pages.

Supports Unlimited PDF Files

Supports Unlimited PDF Files

This is probably the best feature of this utility. The tool has no limit for selecting PDF files. Users can select two, three or multiple PDF files at the same time. In addition, one can successfully merge a massive number of PDF files into one file with great ease.

Page Range Settings Option

Page Range Settings Option

Users are provided with the option of Page Range Settings. Here, they can set the PDF documents accordingly. One can either select all pages or even or odd pages.Users can add multiple pages range at a time.

Allows Password Protection

Allows Password Protection

Cigati PDF Merge software supports password protection on the documents. It upholds password-protected PDF files by entering the correct password. In addition, it also enables users to impose password on the resultant PDF files.

Modification of PDF Data

Modification of PDF Data

The PDF Merge tool facilitates its users to modify the Metadata properties of the output PDF file before one can actually start the PDF merge process. Moreover, users can enter the Title, Author name, Subject, and Keywords accordingly.

Intuitive GUI

Intuitive GUI

Merge PDF Software is highly interactive and enhanced with an easy-to-use interface that makes the user experience quite easy. No prior technical skill is required to run the application, which means novice users can easily handle it.

Wide Compatibility

Wide Compatibility

PDF Merge utility offers higher compatibility with the Windows and Adobe Reader. The software runs smoothly on all major versions of Windows-based OS such as Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000 including the latest Windows 10.

Cigati PDF Merge Software Free Download

Least System Specification required to use the Free Version of Software with Ease.

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Software Download

Download the free demo version of the PDF Merge Tool to evaluate the working of the software.

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Version 19.0
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Trial Limitations

Download the free PDF Merge tool as the demo version of the software to evaluate and measure the performance of the tool. The demo version of the tool is capable enough to combine multiple PDF files in a single file. It can also support password restrictions on the output PDF file. But, the limitation affiliated with the demo version is that the resultant PDF file will have a watermark on it. To overcome the limitation, the user needs to go for the full version of the Cigati PDF Merge Software.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
hard disk space



Supported Editions

Supported Editions


Comparison of Full Version & Free Version

Available Features of the utility to merge files more conveniently.

Features Demo Version Full Version
Add Multiple PDF Files & combine into One
Merge any number of PDF files
Availability of Page Range Settings Feature
Specify PDF FIle description
Combine PDF files without any data loss
Saves merged PDF file With Watermark Saves Original
24*7 Tech Support
Price FREE $19
Frequently Asked Questions
No, there is no restriction on the number of PDF files to be selected. The pdf combiner can combine any number of PDF files in a single session.
No, this is one of the best utilities available in the market which causes no alteration to the original PDF files. Instead, it creates a new PDF file and merges all the selected PDF files into it.
It’s quite easy to apply a password on a new output PDF file. Before starting the PDF merge process, users can apply the password on the resultant PDF file.
The PDF Merger Software does not require any prior technical knowledge. Even a novice user can handle with great ease.
No, the PDF Combiner keeps all the data intact and unchanged throughout the process. It is one of the best utilities that can only combine PDF files without any alterations.
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