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Cigati PDF Merge Tool is a simple yet effective software that combines multiple PDF files into a single document and works effectively on every platform. It offers many incomparable features to facilitate the file merging operation. This software has a full-featured demo version, so you can evaluate the working of the full version of the software. Moreover, you can protect the resultant file by enabling password protection.

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Cigati for
PDF Merge Tool

Combine Multiple PDF Files100%

Page Range Setting Feature100%

Merge Any Size of PDF FIles100%

Protect the Resultant Files100%

  • Efficiently combines multiple PDF files into a single PDF document.
  • Merges password-protected PDF documents to create encryption-free PDF files.
  • Enables Password-Protection to the output files.
  • Allow modifying the PDF File Properties of newly generated PDF documents.
  • It provides Page Range Setting features to merge the files as per requirement.
  • Customize the order of input PDF documents using inbuilt options.
  • It works efficiently on every windows based operating system.
  • Offer a full-featured demo version to analyze the performance of the tool.

When to Use the Cigati PDF Merge Tool?

Combine Multiple PDF files into a Single PDF Document

PDF merger software is an advanced solution to merge multiple PDF files into one and save the resultant file to the desired location in your system. This software provides several unique features that simplify the merging. Apart from that, it is safe and reliable software.

Merge Multiple PDF into single PDF files

If your system is filled with multiple PDF files and managing them has become a trouble, you can merge them into one. This way, you will have limited files in your system, and you can manage them easily. Cigati PDF Merge Tool is an ideal option to merge multiple PDF files.

Merge Two or More PDFs into One File

The PDF merger software allows you to merge two or more PDFs into one file using various advanced features. This tool has a simple user-interface and effective working. Also, you can enable a password to protect the resultant PDF file from unauthorized access.

Key Features and Benefits of the Cigati PDF Merge Tool

Merge Multiple PDF Files

Merge Multiple PDF Files

Cigati PDF Merge Tool combines various PDF files into a single document without altering the file content. This software can merge any PDF document even though the various input files may have different sizes and fonts. The tool offers several unique features to facilitate the merging operation.

Show PDF File Info

Show PDF File Info

PDF merger software has an inbuilt feature to display the PDF file details before merging. It gives you information about the selected documents like location, size, no. of pages, and password. It will ensure that you have chosen the correct files. Also, you can change the order of selected PDF files.

Modify PDF Descriptions

Modify PDF Descriptions

After selecting the desired PDFs, you can create a custom meta description for the file. PDF file merger offers an option to personalize the merged PDF file details like title, author, subject, and keyword. To use this feature, first, tick the PDF file description option and then fill in the details.

Merge Encrypted PDF File

Merge Encrypted PDF File

If you want to merge password-protected PDF files, you can use the PDF merger software. It can merge encrypted PDF files and produce the resultant document with complete data. But first, you have to enter the password to select the protected files. Then, the tool will utilize the file content for merging.

Secure Resultant PDFs

Secure Resultant PDFs

Cigati PDF Merge Tool has a feature to enable password protection to the output PDF. You can protect the document from unauthorized access and limit the number of users to open the file. Also, the tool discards the old password. So, you have to create a new password to lock the file.

Allow Page Range Settings

Allow Page Range Settings

You can personalize the PDF splitting option using the Page Range Settings feature of the PDF file merger software. This feature helps you manipulate the order in which a particular PDF file will split and merge them with another document. The software allows you to customize the file merging.

PDF Folder Selection

PDF Folder Selection

The PDF merge software can select a complete folder that contains PDF files. This feature helps a lot as it saves precious time. You have to store all the required PDFs in a single folder. Also, while you select a folder, the tool only chooses PDF files and leaves the other file types.

Interactive User-Interface

Interactive User-Interface

Cigati PDF Merge Tool has a simple and easy-to-understand GUI. This software is for both technical and non-technical users. Anyone can easily merge multiple PDF documents in a few simple steps using this software. You don’t need any technical support while using this tool.

Reliable Software

Reliable Software

PDF file merge software is a safe and secure tool. It does not damage the PDF file and harm the file content during file merging operation. It maintains the data in intact form using several exclusive features. Therefore, It is reliable software to merge multiple PDF files into one.

Widely Supportable

Widely Supportable

The merging software is supportable in all versions of the Windows operating system. You can download and use the software whether you have Windows 7 or Windows 10. The effectiveness of the operation will be the same in every version. So, you can install the tool in your system and combine PDF files.

Technical Specification

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Single / Multiple Users

Version Support

Windows 10 and its below version

Trial Limitations

The Trial version offers all the features of full software. It enables you to check the functionality and performance of the software. But, the trial version only allows you to merge 50 PDF files. So, buy the complete software to remove passwords from all PDF files.

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Cigati PDF Merge Tool Full Version & Free Version

Available Features of the Utility to Merge Files more conveniently

Features Demo Version Full Version
Add multiple PDF files & combine them into one
Merge any number of PDF files 50 PDFs All
Availability of page range settings feature
Specify PDF file description
Combine PDF files without any data loss
Saves merged PDF files Save only 50 PDFs with watermark Save unlimited PDFs without Watermark
24*7 Tech Support
Price FREE $29
Download and Purchase Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I combine multiple PDFs into one PDF using the Cigati PDF Merge Tool?

Follow the steps to combine PDF files into one using the PDF Merge Tool:

  1. Install and launch the Cigati PDF Merge Tool.
  2. Select the PDF files/folder you want to merge and click Next.
  3. Tick the PDF file description option and fill in the details.
  4. Mark the Apply Password option and give the password.
  5. Define a destination path to the resultant PDF.
  6. Finally, click on the Merge button to combine the PDFs.

What is the limit of PDF files that I can select in the PDF merge tool?

You can combine any number of PDF files through this software. There is no limit to the number of PDF files you can merge.

Does this PDF merge software damage my PDF file content?

No, the Cigati PDF merge tool does not damage the original file content. It is one of the best PDF merge software available online. It can effectively join PDF files maintaining data integrity.

How can I enable password-protection to the resultant PDF file?

You can secure the resultant PDF document by enabling password-protection. After selecting the PDFs, tick the Apply Password to Output File option and give any desired password. This way, you can lock the file with the given password.

Do I need any technical knowledge to merge PDF files through PDF file merger?

No, you don’t require any technical knowledge to combine PDF files. Anyone can use this software effectively without any technical expertise. The user-interface of this software has been kept simple so you can merge the files in a few steps without any additional help.

Why should I turn off the antivirus protection while installing the Cigati PDF Merge Tool?

You should turn off the antivirus protection while installing the PDF file merger because the antivirus hinders software installation. The antivirus tool identifies some part of the PDF merger software as a virus. So, it blocks their installation. Therefore, you should turn off antivirus protection.

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