Recover Permanentally deleted emails in Outlook

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook

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Have you accidentally deleted your important emails from Outlook? Would you like to retrieve permanently deleted emails Outlook? If yes, then read this blog to know the stepwise procedure to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook. This blog divided into subsections in which the first section describes the reasons for deletion and the next section mentions manual steps to recover deleted emails. Follow us to know in detail.

Users by mistake do the following things that will delete the emails permanently in Outlook. These are the things that you do unintentionally:

  • Removing the emails from the “Deleted Items” folder to save space.
  • Archiving previous emails using the settings “Clean out items folder older than xx months”.
  • Pressing shift + delete keys for deleting the chosen email files, folders or subfolders.

When you permanently remove emails from Outlook, this will not really lose the information. These emails are still held by Microsoft Outlook somewhere else. Emails are just hidden from normal for at least a couple of weeks or a lot longer. These deleted emails will restore in other locations like a deleted email is stored in one of these locations:

  • Deleted Items folder
  • Recoverable Items folder
  • In a backup location

You have the chance to get back your permanently deleted emails in Outlook.

Now, begin with the manual procedure to recover deleted Outlook emails. Whenever you’re offline and if your PST files get damaged then you can use Inbox Repair Tool to repair them.

How do I recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2007?

There are some manual techniques that help in recovering permanently deleted Outlook emails. Follow the below instructions:

Method 1: Common Method to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Emails Outlook

  1. Hit simultaneously Ctrl + Z keys from your keyboard. This common method used to undo previously made changes.
  2. To restore files from the Deleted Items folder-
  3. Go to the Deleted Items folder>> search for the deleted email>> open it and move it back to the inbox.
  4. If this method does not work then follow the next given method.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Outlook Emails

Follow the below steps to get back your important emails for Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2007 :

  1. Initially, open Outlook>>open list of your email folder>>hit on Deleted Items.
  2. On the top menu bar, check if the Home tab is selected and hit on “Recover Deleted Items From Server” option.
    recover deleted items from server
  3. Recover Deleted Items window will appear, then select the emails or entries you to want to recover.
  4. Select Restore Selected Items option >>OK.
    restore seleted items

After completing these steps, all emails get restored in the Deleted Items folder. Then you can easily move them to your Outlook inbox again.

For 2010/2013/2016:

  1. Initially, start and open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the mail folder list and at the left side click on “Deleted Items”.
  3. Find accidentally deleted emails. Make a right-click on the Email message and tap on “Move>>Other Folder.”
     Move to Other Folder
  4. To move your accidentally deleted emails, choose the “Inbox”.
     choose the Inbox option

By these methods, you can easily retrieve permanently deleted emails Outlook.

These all are the manual techniques to restore the permanently deleted emails. But these approach takes time and increase complexity so to avoid this, you can choose Outlook Email recovery utility. It is the best option to recover all Outlook items including emails, calendars, contacts, etc. It also maintains data integrity throughout the process.

Final Verdict

We’ve provided all the manual techniques to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook. Such manual processes become very complicated. Therefore, to avoid this, a straightforward approach for better results has been addressed.