How to Open MSG Files in Thunderbird with Attachments?

Lots of users are looking for a solution to open MSG files in Thunderbird. As there are many limitations with MSG files that’s why users want to access MSG files in Mozilla Thunderbird. Through this guide, you will be able to resolve your concerns. First, it explains about the MSG files, then reasons for migrating them, and at last methods for it.

MSG File:
The user who uses email clients is already aware that MSG is a growing MS Outlook email file. If a single message is dragged and dropped to the desktop, it will produce one MSG file.

Key Reason to Import MSG files into Thunderbird

  • The key reason for importing MSG files into Thunderbird accounts is that MSG includes only a single message. Often, handling a large number of MSG files at one time is very difficult.

The problem now is how to perform the conversion of this kind. Now, a major question occurs: what if the users decide to open Outlook MSG files in Thunderbird email client. Then use the below mentioned manual approaches to access MSG files in Mozilla Thunderbird. If you have Maildir files then you can also convert Maildir to EML format and then these EML files easily be open in Thunderbird directly.

Manual Methods to Open MSG files in Thunderbird

Two manual methods are available here:

Method 1: Convert MSG file to EML after installing Outlook and Thunderbird

  1. First, drag and drop the MSG file to Outlook and then hit on Save As.
  2. Then give the saving location for the converted file.
  3. Within the save as type, choose the file format: TXT and press on Save.  Save As type
  4. Now, right-click on the saved .txt file and then change the extension from .txt to .eml.
  5. At the time of modifying the TXT file with changed extension i.e. EML, a warning message appears. Just hit on Yes. hit on yes
  6. Then all your txt file will be saved as an. eml file.
  7. Now go to the place where you have saved the file, to open the converted EML file. Right-click on the.eml file, and then press Open and pick Thunderbird email application.

Method 2: Convert MSG file to EML without installing Outlook application

  1. First, do a right-click on the MSG file to be converted and choose the Rename option.
  2. Now modify the extension from MSG to EML. This will generate a new EML file.
  3. Then, right-click the newly produced EML file > >choose Open with > > and select Thunderbird. Now you can access EML files in the Thunderbird eml files.

All these two manual solutions help in opening MSG files in Thunderbird. But it has many challenges that are faced by all the users.

Challenges Faced by Users during Manual Solutions

  • You will get the prompt of alert when converting MSG file to EML, as seen in Method 1. That means the file could become unusable. So, this is one of the problems that manual methods will bring to you.
  • However, it doesn’t easily convert several MSG files to a batch using both Method 1 and Method 2, since the manual process is very long.

If you want to open some MSG files to Thunderbird then you can go with the above manual methods. But if you have multiple MSG files to be exported to Thunderbird then what to do. As we already spoke about the difficulties you may experience when exporting the multiple MSG files using manual solutions.

So, we came up with a strong tool named as MSG Converter that quickly converts MSG files to Thunderbird. Using this utility, you can open MSG files in Thunderbird in bulk without facing any difficulties regarding complexities, time or speed. Also, this tool offers features to export MSG files to MS Outlook (Hotmail), Gmail, Yahoo, Zimbra as well.


If you are having fewer MSG files to be converted or opened into Thunderbird then you can opt the given manual solutions. But we already suggested to you all the limitations of it, so use the reliable tool mentioned in this blog, so that you can easily import MSG files into Thunderbird with attachments instantly.

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