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How to Overcome Cannot start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML Error?

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MS Outlook users have grown so dependent on it that they cannot just rely on a different email client if Outlook faces some issue. While there could also be some cases when the matter faced is ignorable, and maybe find a solution. Sooner or later, you might experience a problem, and you will not be able to proceed with the work you want. This blog tells about one of the Microsoft Outlook errors that say “cannot start Microsoft Outlook”. 

If this message pop-up, you might be aware of it. Besides, you should know how you can stop this situation. In the next few moments, we will give you some valuable information about “cannot start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML” that will be reliable to read. Let’s move forward.

Reasons for Cannot Open Microsoft Outlook: Invalid XML

Before we proceed to the resolution methods, let us first consider the reasons that can lead to this error. There can be different causes that can appear the Invalid XML error. Here are a few of the several basic causes behind this error.

Reasons for Invalid XML Error:

  • The exploitation of hard drives can create issues. If the XML file for the navigation pane lies in any critical sector, then the application will not be suitable for access. This may also commence with an error called “cannot start Microsoft Outlook”.
  • The actual cause due to which the “cannot start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML” error can arise is the Navigation settings. If the XML files in the settings got altered due to any cause, you may face this problem.
  • Sometimes, you may have to start Outlook in compatibility mode. But, several features and settings are disabled in compatibility mode. The navigation pane is additionally affected while running Outlook in compatibility mode and may face an invalid XML error.
  • Moreover, using the out-dated version can (rarely) also be responsible for the issue.

These are some points that can cause the error “cannot open Microsoft Outlook”.

Moving forward to the manual steps to fix the issue.

Now, you are aware of how this error occurs. Let us try to fix this on our own. Here are the five methods discussed one by one. Check out the manual procedure that will assist you in fixes this issue.

How to Resolve Cannot start Microsoft Outlook:-

Now, you are aware of how this error occurs. Let us try to fix this on our own. Here are the five methods discussed one by one. Check out the manual procedure that will assist you in fixes this issue.

Method 1: Use the Inbox Repair tool

Follow the below-described steps:

Step 1: First, On your PC, start with launching Windows Explorer

Step 2: After launch, navigate to the below-mentioned path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\{Office version}


In 64-bit Windows and 32-bit Office is installed in your system. Then follow this path:

C:\Program Files x86\Microsoft Office\{Office version}

Step 3: After implementing all the above paths make sure to look for the “Scanpst.exe” and when you discover it. Then, double-tap on it to proceed. (Alternatively, go to the Start key and press it.) Lastly, type “Scanpst.exe” in the search bar.   

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

Step 4: Now, make sure to click on the “Browse” key so that you can choose the default Outlook.pst file.

Step 5: Once done with this, proceed by clicking on the “Start” key, and the file scanned instantly. You might be given a message in the dialog box that the file is showing errors.                                       

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

Step 6: Follow the message, hit Repair, and the PST file will start to repair and wait until it completes. At last, begin the Outlook application, and see if the error is fixed or not in the PST file.

Method 2: Reset Navigation Pane

If resetting the navigation pane didn’t correct the issue “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook”, then there may be a chance that the XML file is corrupt. The Outlook is neither capable of reading it nor resetting it. Manually removing the file, then restarting Outlook will start the creation of a replacement XML file with default settings.

Follow the below practice to achieve the same.

Step 1: First, press Windows+R keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: In the Run window, paste the below-mentioned command

               ‘Outlook.exe /resetnavpane’          

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML

Step 3: Start Outlook again, and it should work accurately. If not, continue to the next method.

Method 3: Disable compatibility mode

Follow the actions to fix the Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook issue.

Step 1: First, hit on the Start menu and type Outlook.exe.

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML

Step 2: The Outlook.exe application icon would arise in the search results. Right-click on the icon and hit on the Properties option.     

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML

Step 3: A new window initiates for Outlook.exe properties. Hit on the Compatibility tab.

Step 4: At last, under the compatibility mode, there would be a checkbox naming Run this operation in compatibility mode. Uncheck the checkbox and click on Apply, then hit the OK button.

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML

Method 4: Delete Navigation Pane Configuration file

If Disable compatibility mode does not help you out, attempt to delete the Navigation pane settings. 

The steps required in this method are as follows:

1: First, launch the Run dialog box (window+R key). When it opens, you must enter the command %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook.

2: It displays up the configuration files list that is saved in Microsoft Outlook.         

3: In the search box, explore the Outlook.xml file in the system directory.

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

4: At last, when you find it, you are required to right-click on it and proceed to the deletion process. See if this results in fixing the Cannot start Outlook Invalid XML.

This procedure can help you out to fix the Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Now, we will also suggest a tool that can help you to resolve this issue without technical expertise. It is developed with various features and functionalities that can reduce the time taking process and ease to use of the tool PST Repair

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Final Words

By the blog, We have discussed How to fix Cannot start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML error and the cause why this error appears, and to fix this with different methods. If you follow the manual process, then you may be able to resolve the issue. Besides, the manual steps can cause inconsistency and data loss. Moreover, we suggest you use a professional method as it is 100% secure and does not allow data modification throughout the repairing process.