How to Convert Maildir to EML Format with Email’s Attachments

Looking for a method to Convert Maildir to Eml format? You have landed on the right blog. This blog states all the possibilities that can convert a Maildir file.

The Maildir file format is an email message file format that stores email messages with separate filenames and file folders to represent a directory. The file system locks the files as soon as the messages get deleted, moved or added. Maildir files support files with extension .tmp. maildir files can be read by Cone (a curses-based mail reader), Evolution( GNOME mail client), GNUMail, KMail(KDE mail reader), Mutt, etc.

EML is an email message file extension to save a file in MIME RFC 822 format developed by Microsoft Outlook Express EML files contains plain ASCII text(headers), hyperlinks, attachments, etc.

Let’s focus on reasons that force users to migrate Maildir files to another file format.

Reasons to Export Maildir files:

  • Maildir is an email file format based on the internet server, that always requires an established internet connection.
  • Users cannot access the mailbox items.
  • Users cannot use the local device to access the Maildir files.

As no Manual method is available for the user to convert Maildir files. This will be time-efficient for the user. Rather than searching for the manual method, he/she can directly opt for a professional solution recommended by experts. If you want to convert Maildir to PST, this can be possible also.

Automated Approach to Migrate Maildir files to EML format:

Maildir Converter is a tool developed by Cigati solutions. The tool empowers bulk conversion and saving the file in multiple formats and file extensions accordingly.


  1. Download & Install Cigati Maildir Converter on your system.  Install Cigati Maildir Converter
  2. Choose the Maildir files to be converted from your device. Choose the Maildir files
  3. Next, choose the path of the file in the browse search option and then hit Export.  choose the path of the file
  4. Now, select the file format, you want to convert your Maildir file to. If you choose Outlook PST, then the software also allows you to split PST files as well.
    select the file format
  5. To delete repeated files, hit on Remove Duplicate Items from a folder, based on the requirement. It allows filtering emails based on Date-Range Filter Option.
    apply Date-Range Filter Option
  6. Again, click on Browse to save the converted file to the desired location and then click Ok. click on Browse
  7. Click Ok on the dialogue box stating the conversion is completed successfully.
  8. Click Yes to exit the application.

The above-described utility will help users convert Maildir to Eml format. Let’s look at the features that the tool promises.

Features of Maildir Migrator tool:
  • Export Maildir files and all the subfolders with extensions like tmp, cur, etc.
  • Compatible with Maildir files from Linux like Dovecot, Mutt, and MPOP.
  • Gives Preview of all attributes and attachments after scanning.
  • Performs Maildir conversion to PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, MBOX, PDF, etc.
  • Allows renaming the resulting file according to user preferences.
  • Maintains data integrity and security.
  • The tool has a Date-range filter feature to sort files from the inbox excluding the unnecessary.
  • Allows removing duplicate files using Duplicate remover feature.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS to version 2010.


We have discussed the method to convert Maildir to Eml format. Users can opt for automated solutions for more optimized results and also save the data from any risk. The utility provides safe conversion throughout from start to end of the conversion. I hope you find the correct solution from this guide.

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