Sometimes users want to move their emails from EML format to PDF for more security. This blog explains solutions to export EML to PDF in a very simple way. Just go through this blog and you will be able to resolve your problem quickly.

Let’s begin with the introduction to EML and PDF file formats.

EML- EML files are those files that stores email messages always in Plain text formats. Generally, it is used in MS Outlook Express for saving mail messages. For storing individual email messages EML file extension is used. It is supported by Outlook Express and other applications as well such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, and Windows live mail, etc.

PDF-PDF file refers to a Portable Document Format containing text fonts, images, hyperlinks, attachments, videos, etc. Adobe introduced this PDF file format that can be used for saving documents. It stored documents of any size, of any fonts and images. Mainly it is designed for creating e-books. This PDF file format is used to secure documents from any modifications by any other user.

Now after knowing about PDF and EML in detail, it is important to know the reason for migrating EML to PDF. You can also convert EML to PST as well easily.

Possible Reasons to Convert EML to PDF-

From the above introduction, we get to know that both formats are different from each other. One is for storing email messages and the other one is for saving documents or files. So, if you want to convert EML file to PDF then you must know the need for conversion and importance of PDF file. Some reasons are given below:

  • You can easily save many EML files in a single location as a backup in a PDF file.
  • PDF documents provide security to your EML files.
  • No unauthorized user can edit your information without any access to PDF documents.
  • On converting EML to PDF, you can find all emails with their attachments in a single PDF file.

After reading the above points, you almost understand the need for EML to PDF conversion. Now, let us have a look at the conversion process.

Manual Methods to Export EML to PDF- Know-How

There are two methods for converting EML to PDF document as given below:

Method 1: Microsoft Outlook in-built utility

Outlook has this inbuilt feature that allows the user to convert EML files to PDF format. You should have Outlook installed in your system. Then follow these below steps:

  1. Open Outlook application first.
  2. Choose any EML email file from your system that you want to convert into PDF.
  3. Then go to File tab>>save as option.
  4. Now select the HTML format for saving the file at any desired path.
  5. Then choose the save as on moving to the Office Button.
  6. Finally, choose PDF format a saving option to save the EML file into PDF.

Method 2: Using Thunderbird Email Client

You can easily install Thunderbird email client with ImportExportTools extension if you are Windows or Mac user. Make sure to configure Thunderbird with the current email id.

These steps are for the chosen Folders:

  1. Install Thunderbird ImportExportTools Extension first in your system.
  2. Select a folder from Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash and then right-click on that folder.
  3. After this, hit on ImportExportTools and then click on Export all Messages in the Folder.
  4. At last, select PDF format for saving the EML file.

These steps are for the chosen Messages:

  1. Choose a message which is in EML format.
  2. Then make a right-click on that message and select save selected message option. After this, press the PDF format.
  3. Press the browse button and pick the desired path to save the email message in PDF format.
  4. At last, select the “Select Folder” >> save the PDF file option.

These all are manual methods to convert EML into PDF format. These methods only export EML to PDF without attachments. If you want to move EML files into PDF with attachments then you can go through the EML Converter. It is an expert tool that quickly converts all EML messages into PDF format with all its attachments. It ensures no data loss during the conversion process.


In this blog, we have explained all about the EML and PDF in detail followed by the reasons behind this conversion process. Manual solutions are given that will be helpful for every user who wants to migrate from EML to PDF format. To convert EML to PDF online with attachments, an expert solution has been provided. So, it is better to go with this option for bulk conversion. Hope you will understand all the given solutions.


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