Searching regarding simple and easiest ways to convert EML to MBOX then here this blog will take you to solutions. Keep reading this blog, after reading this, a user will easily convert the EML files to MBOX file format. Here, you will get to know the methods for converting EML files to MBOX format. Before moving to the solutions, one must have some basic knowledge regarding EML and MBOX.

EML is a single message file supported by windows live mail application which contains ASCII text for headers and main message body as well as hyperlinks and attachments.
MBOX is a generic term for a family of related file formats which is used for keeping collections of email messages. But when it comes to export EML data in MBOX. Some users face issues while converting the EML to MBOX. So, here we come up with the solutions.

Need to Convert EML Files to MBOX

Before performing the conversion, it is important to know the need for conversion of EML to MBOX. The present era youth is only using the Gmail and MS Outlook in the line of email clients. But if we pay attention to the mature ones they are still using the Windows Live Mail.

If we talk about Ten years before, Windows Live Mail was the only Email application used but certain advancement in technologies. Mozilla Thunderbird has achieved good popularity among other email clients. Therefore as a result of which, the operator started moving from Windows Live Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird. So, we need to export EML to MBOX. You can export EML to PDF as well.

How to Convert EML to MBOX

There are several ways to change EML file format into MBOX format which have been discussed below:

Method 1. Drag and drop the required EML file into Thunderbird

For doing so, follow these steps below:

  1. Right Click inbox folder and select a new folder option to create a new folder in the Thunderbird program.
  2. Give the name of your choice to the folder and click on the create folder button.
  3. After the new subfolder of the inbox is created, just minimize the Thunderbird and get to the folder where EML files are saved.
  4. Select all files by pressing CTRL+A key and keep dragging the messages into the newly created file.
  5. It can take some while to import EML messages to Thunderbird.
  6. After performing all the mentioned steps, close the thunderbird application and reopen it again to see the EML files.

Method 2. Use of Import/Export tool – Add-in to view EML data in MBOX

This method needs to install the Import/Export tool Add-in which can be downloaded from the official website. After installation follow these steps:

  1. At first launch Mozilla Thunderbird application on the tools tab.
  2. Go to the Tools menu select Add-ins option and install it.
  3. Now, Restart the Thunderbird application.
  4. After the application opens, Right-click the inbox folder and from there select the new folder option to make a new folder.
  5. Get opened the newly created folder and click on the menu button.
  6. Move to Tools menu then to Add-ins and finally, choose import messages.
  7. Now select EML files which you want to move to Thunderbird and Click Open.
  8. Once these steps are completed you can open EML messages into Thunderbird desired folder easily.

These manual methods give you a cost-free solution but are not the safest but do not assure you for the 100 percent safe and desired conversion results. There are some manual approach limitations to convert EML files to MBOX.

Limitations/Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • The drag and drop method get declined when multiple EML files are processed at the same time.
  • The process became slow and sometimes the system may hang.
  • There is so high chance of files being lost with drag and drop method.
  • The second manual method consumes too much time while uploading EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Non-technical users are not able to carry out manual approaches properly as these methods require technical expertise.

So to get rid of these limitations and to ease the conversion, we can choose an alternate way to convert EML to MBOX i.e, EML Converter. This tool is having unique features to help you as it can convert EML files into different file formats promptly. Also, it saves EML files into EMLX, PDF, PST, MBOX MSG, HTML. This software facilitates the conversion of multiple files at a time. It can run on all Windows-based platforms and provides you the data range feature.


Hope this blog will be proven helpful to you. Both manuals, as well as automated solutions, have been discussed here. I think for a safe and smooth solution, you should use the automated software solution which will let you to the results without any malfunction or defect. But before you convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird, you should analyze both the approaches.


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