Want to improve Yahoo mail security? Yes! this is the correct spot for you. In recent years, Yahoo has been encountered with several data threats and poor security-related problems that have created an uneasiness among its users. Thus, it is necessary to run your Yahoo account security settings that will be beneficial for you in the future.

Yahoo mail is a popular web-based email client service. But recently due to some issues that are mentioned above have raised several queries within its users. So, if you are one of them that wants to increase Yahoo Mail account Security then you arrive in the right spot. In this blog, I will discuss different methods to make a secure Yahoo mail account.

How to Secure Yahoo Mail Account?

Several Email clients encountered the face phishing attacks or got hacked by the intrusion that at the end will suck your entire data. So to keep your data safe, you have to make Yahoo Mail account secure enough to prevent it from intrusions and malicious entities. You can also import Yahoo mail to Office 365.

Different Ways to Improve Yahoo Mail Security

Some of these methods that are listed below –

Way 1: Make the Email Address Disable

In this feature, you can block the messages from the unknown users and can block them after seeing just one email from those senders. But this feature is available only in the desktop version.

  • Tap on the Settings Gear icon so that you can block emails from certain users in Yahoo Mail.
  • In the drop-down menu, Choose More Settings and then surf the Security and Privacy tab.
  • Tap on the + Add key then, type the email address of the unwanted or undesirable Address field.
  • At last, click on the Save button.

Way 2: Evaluate the Account History

Yahoo also provides the option to review your recent activity in the Yahoo mail account. To execute this, you have to follow these steps that will help to improve Yahoo Mail account Security-

  • First, visit the Recent activity option and tap on the option of Chrome, Windows. There will be a list of active sessions that will comprise the exact times, IP addresses, and locations that you have visited within the past 30 days.

Way 3: Always Use the Strong Password for the Yahoo Mail Security

One of the important steps to secure your Yahoo Mail is to set a strong password so that you can encrypt your account. The best way to set a strong password you need a combination of upper & lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. You always make sure to not use your personal information as a password. Now you can use the below steps so that you can set a password in the Yahoo mail account to secure Yahoo mail.

  • Firstly, Sign in to your Yahoo account and visit the Profile on the top-right corner, tap on the Account Info to open settings.
  • Then, select the Account security from the left pane and once you tap on the account security, on the left corner you will view a Change password option.
  • After that, you can put a new password to your Yahoo account.

Way 4: Allow the Two-Step Verification in Your Yahoo Mail Account

If a user requires to access their Yahoo mail account and in case, if he/she has already allowed the two-step verification then you will receive a unique code on the registered mobile number so that they can open their own Yahoo mail account. This is the best method to increase your Yahoo mail from hackers and other security threats.

You can allow the 2-step verification in your Yahoo mail account by following these steps to improve Yahoo Mail Security:

  • First, log in to Yahoo Mail.
  • From the top right corner tap on your name and select the Account Info.
  • Tap on the Account security present on the left section.

Tap on the toggle button at the bottom, next to “Two-step verification” so that the “ball” icon move towards the right

  • First, you have to type your mobile number for the purpose of receiving or calling an SMS authentication.
  • Once you registered a phone number, an SMS will be sent which you have to type the received code in the verification prompt. Tap on the Verify.
  • Finally, in the “Success” dialog, tap on the “Create app passwords” button and visit to the next step.

Way 5: Review the Forwarding Settings and reform the Recovery Information

If you want to join or link the several accounts to receive emails on one account then you have to be careful while establishing email forwarding. It is seen that Hackers also adopt the same method. So that they can have a replica of everything you receive in your account.

  • In case you forget your login credentials, it is necessary to update your recovery information such as phone number and another email id each time, once you access your account.

Way 6: Abstain the Suspicious Emails

You can abstain the email phishing and emails from the doubtful resources in your Yahoo mail account. As the emails sent by the hackers may contain detrimental links and images, that can be a big threat for your security, once you click on it. Generally, they deceive users by providing the purple Y logo in the official Yahoo mail so that they can invade the user’s account.

Way 7: Use the option of Fingerprint

You can encrypt your yahoo account by setting a feature of fingerprint that will make sure that no one can access your email account prior to your permission.

  • Always utilize the Secure Browser
  • You can keep your yahoo account secure by using an updated browser.

Way 8: Always keep the Backup option

Use Cigati Yahoo Backup Tool that will help its users in maintaining the backup of all their Yahoo emails that mainly comprises the attachments and mailbox items. This backup utility enables its users to operate the data recovery during the data loss. The software also offers the Demo version that will convert your 50 emails for free. The software runs with all windows 10 versions and also on Mac Mail (Mac OS 10.14).


In this blog, I have explained different techniques that will help you to improve Yahoo mail security settings in 2020. It is necessary to maintain your Yahoo mail account security or you may face data loss, security threats, malware attacks in the future.


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