Solutions to Import MBOX file in Thunderbird- [How To Do]

Written By: nishayadav  Email Management & Migration February 26th, 2020

Are you thinking to import MBOX file in Thunderbird? How to do it? Well, this guide tells you all about your concern. It provides all the methods for moving MBOX files into Thunderbird. First, it explains all the reasons for it, then procedures for it, and at last an alternative solution. So, keep concentrate on this guide.

Let’s begin with the reasons first.

Reasons to Import MBOX to Thunderbird-

MBOX means MailBOX that is used to store messages on a hard drive. Each mailbox message stored in a string of concentrated email messages as a long, single, text file and starting with the “From” header of the message. MBOX support by Thunderbird email client which is an opensource application. It is popular all over the world due to its amazing advanced features. This is the main reason to open MBOX in Thunderbird. You can also convert MBOX to PDF to change the file format.

Now, after knowing the reasons, you are thinking about its procedures. So, begin with it.

Simple Steps to Import MBOX file in Thunderbird for Windows and Mac-

Before going further first we know the location of the MBOX file in the system. Follow the steps below:


  • Initially, launch and run the tool on pressing Windows + R keys together.

Import MBOX file in Thunderbird

  • A run box will open, type %APPDATA% and hit Enter.

Import MBOX file in Thunderbird

  • Now, double click on the Thunderbird folder >> Profiles.

Import MBOX file in Thunderbird

  • In the profile folder, ever folder represents the Profile of MBOX email client.
  • Now, follow the below path:
  • In this location, you will find the MBOX file. Now you can import it in Thunderbird by below steps:

Steps to Add MBOX in Thunderbird-

First, Mozilla Thunderbird needs Import/Export add-on installation for proceeding the installation process. After installing the add-on, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Start and open Thunderbird first and hit on Tools>> Import Export Tools>> Import MBOX file.
  2. Next, by default “Import directly one or more MBOX file” option will be set by default in the pop-up box then press Ok.
  3. Search for MBOX file in the desired path.
  4. At, last all the MBOX files will be added to the Thunderbird mailbox successfully.

If you want to the same in Mac system then follow the next steps below:


  • Initially, launch Thunderbird on your Mac system.
  • Then go to Tools >> Import option

Import MBOX file in Thunderbird

  • Multiple options will appear, select the Mail option >> Next.

  • After this, select the Apple Mail option from the upcoming screen and press Next to proceed.

  • Now, on the left side of Thunderbird, you will see an Apple Mail named folder containing all your Mail data.

These are the manual methods that you can perform to open MBOX in Thunderbird. But you face many complications when executing them. Also, it becomes lengthy on moving to the next steps. Loss of data, data modification, etc. may occur by these manual approaches. So, don’t take tension, you still have another option which is very easy to perform in no time.

MBOX Converter

You can use Cigati MBOX Converter software to direct import MBOX file in Thunderbird email client without any data loss. It makes sure that no data modification occurs during the process. This tool can be used by any non-tech user as it doesn’t require technical knowledge which is the best feature of it. Its GUI is very simple to use.

Final Verdict

This blog suggests the reasons for importing MBOX to Thunderbird application. You can go through this and find the best solutions for the concern. If nothing works then go with direct utility as explained above.

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