If you are planning to switch to Office 365, then you would surely require your old emails to carry along. You can also empty your mailbox but in the end, you will not be able to survive without your previous emails. If you want your Outlook emails in Office 365 then you have to import them from the PST file.

To perform this action there is a number of tricks and techniques but here in my blog, I will be discussing two manual techniques to sort this problem out. Following are the most commonly used tools and tricks to import PST file into Office 365:

  • Network upload
  • Office 365 Backup Tool by Cigati

The Shortcoming of the PST File

In this modern era of the technology world everything sits on the cloud, it is baseless to think that the mailbox format can be widely used without any centralized management and backup. Anybody with the elementary know-how of the technology can manipulate the PST files as per their wish and choice. Trustworthy networks facilitate rapid speed which enables the client to remain connected to the server day in and day out. Many clients whom I know with the end number of PST files.

PST files are saved at the various locations on your PC, network, removable disc, etc. This long chain makes the centralization project tough. While migrating to Office 365, many organizations prefer to convert their files to Exchange Online mailbox or Exchange Online archive to secure their data. By doing so some of the issues related to PST files are resolved.

Some of the common causes to import PST to Office 365

  • Not managed fundamentally: You cannot find out how many PST files exist in the infrastructure, where all they are located and where are they originated from?
  • Expensive to maintain: Many Organizations that want to centralize PST use NAS which is again a very expensive way to preserve the file.
  • Security threat: PST files are very easy to transfer hence exposing it to leakage and malware attack.

So these are the drawbacks of the PST file which provokes the client to switch to the different platforms altogether. Now let’s begin with the easy tricks first, using Outlook itself to import the PST File. You can convert PST file to EMLX also. This method is very easy but when the files that are to be transferred are less in number.

Method 1

Network Upload:  Here you have to upload the PST files on a temporary Cigati storage location. Then you can use the Office 365 import service in order to import the PST data to mailboxes in your office 365 which is free of cost.


  1. Browse the Outlook and click on File
  2. Now choose Open & Export
  3. Hit the Import/export tab
  4. Choose Import from the different program of the file (selected by default)
  5. Then select Outlook Data File (PST)
  6. Now select the desired file that has to be imported
  7. On a new tab, you can select what and where you want to import
  8. Hit the Finish button to start the process

This method is short and sweet but it is economical for the small or single mails only. If you have a batch mail to be transferred then you should try the Cigati services to address your problem.

NOTE: Microsoft offers you the technical way of importing your data to office 365 only.

This trick doesn’t involve all the necessary planning like

  • Where to locate your PST files?
  • Preventing it from corruption.
  • Removing passwords.
  • Doesn’t recognize the particular PST file and their respective mailboxes.
  • You have to perform all these steps yourself before starting the process.

Cigati Office 365 Backup Tool

There are various options to import PST files to Office 365. But the most efficient method is the Cigati import utility. Here I will let you know about the useful features of this tool.

  • It converts all the PST files to 16 formats hassle-free
  • It comes with the Advanced and standard mode to convert the files
  • Compatible with various email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook Exchange, Office 365 etc
  • PST Exporter splits the file exceeding 500MB
  • Maintains the originality of your data


  1. Download and run the Cigati export tool
  2. Now click Add files>>select PST files that you need to migrate
  3. Hit save as Office 365 to save the file and then click on Convert
  4. Otherwise, select Save as Other Formats and click on Convert
  5. Click on Date filter to sort your data by date
  6. Now Go to choose output option and specify the file format in which you want to convert your data and click Apply
  7. If you want to export your file to your alternate emails like Gmail or Yahoo then click on Next>>Single mode
  8. Then select the Inbox/sent file system and choose the desired email client given in the drop-down menu and then click on Convert
  9. Now give your credentials and sign in to your account
  10. Hang on! This tool has started the process to import your PST file to Office 365
Take Away

Now I have discussed two easiest tricks to import PST to office 365. The 1st trick is simple but it is suitable when you have to import a small or couple of mails. You also have to do everything right from the selection of the particular email to the specific mailbox wherein you want to save your data on your own while trying this trick. On the contrary when you opt for the second method that is the Cigati conversion tool then the authenticity of your data is absolutely secured. It enables you to batch import your PST file in one go.

All your data is perfectly sorted, you can pick any file or email of your choice just by putting the filters. The free version of this tool is given on our website. Give it a shot you would adore its innovative features and will be able to judge the quality before going for the paid version.