Free & Easy Ways to Retrieve Archived Emails in Gmail 

Being a user of Google, Gmail is always in the user’s minds. Gmail gives its users an opportunity to save emails in the archive so that it can be used in the future whenever required.  But Gmail doesn’t possess an independent folder for archives like other folders. After archiving, it is not sure where the message gets saved. So it becomes a little difficult to find them. Here in this blog, we are discussing how to retrieve archived Emails in Gmail. Keep reading the blog until the end. 

Why recovering Archived Emails in Gmail is necessary?

Some of the reason that makes users retrieve the archived Emails are shown below:-

  • When the inbox is filled completely then there is a need to clean it. But some emails are important for archiving in the future. But they are placed randomly so that it became necessary to retrieve them as per requirements.
  • Sometimes these archived emails get deleted unintentionally.
  • When users require to access the archived email messages. Then these messages require to restore or retrieve in the inbox again.

You can also recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Gmail. Now, after discussing the need, let’s move ahead and discuss the solution of how to recover archived Emails. 

How to Retrieve Archived Gmail Emails with some DIY Techniques?

To retrieve Gmail Emails manually on your system, follow the given steps:

Retrieve Archived Emails in Gmail 

Below are the detailed steps of it..

  1. Browse google and sign in with your Gmail Account.sign in gmail
  2. Then go to the left pane and tap on More options.go to more options
  3. Search the options given below compose and tap on the All Mail option.Search the options
  4. Choose the mails and go to the inbox.Choose the mails
  5. And at last, you will have to verify the mails that are shifted to the Inbox on the displayed confirmation.verify the mails
  6. Here, you are given an option “UNDO” if you want to revert the procedure then tap on “Undo”.

Consequences/Limitations of Manual Methods:

The manual method is good to go as these methods are completely free and you don’t require to pay any amount. But the same users have to face its consequences. Some of its consequences are mentioned below:

  • Time-consuming and lengthy methods 
  • The major issue is data loss and data alteration.
  • It is a complete technical process, so non-technical users can not retrieve archived emails in Gmail securely and reliably.
  • Require technical-expertise.

Alternative Solution to Recover Archived Emails:

An alternative solution means some professional utilities. Most of the users are going with automated solutions, either from a technical background or nontechnical background. Several professional utilities are available in the market to help you out. You can also find several options on Google, but choosing for the best utility is a little complicated. Here I’m sharing one of the most used utilities i.e, Gmail Backup Software. This software not only backups or retrieves the archived Gmail Emails but also of Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. This tool is consisting of a smart algorithm that straightly exports Gmail Emails to Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, etc. 

Some of its Salient Features are mentioned below:
  • Gmail backup tool allows its users to backup Gmail to computers, external hard drives, USB, etc. 
  • This software is created and designed with the advanced algorithm that enables its users to backup Gmail emails into different file formats such as PDF, PST, EMLX, EML, TXT, MBOX, and HTML. 
  • This is one of the most believable software that is used to backup Gmail Emails safely and swiftly.
  • Highly compatible with all the versions of Mac and Windows OS. 
  • This tool has interactive and self-intuitive GUI.
  • Gmail Email Backup procedure completes in a while.
  • The demo version of this tool is also available with which you can backup or retrieve archived Emails in Gmail, up to 50 Emails for free.

Final Verdicts:

Here, in this blog, manual as well as an automated solution for how to recover archived Emails are discussed. The manual method is good to go. But it has consequences as well. Whereas automated solutions prevent the consequences of the manual solution and give you a hassle-free solution. But this is completely your choice, you can opt for any of the methods as per your requirement and comforts. I hope this blog will solve your query.


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