Don’t know “how to recover missing or corrupt Outlook PST File?” Then, here is the best-searched answer for you. An Outlook PST file is most popular and widely across the world to keep the messages, appointments, calendars.

However, sometimes these Outlook files get corrupt or missing that is a frustrating situation for any Outlook user. So here in this article, we will discuss how to recover the missing Outlook PST File.There may be various reasons behind missing PST files like accidental or Unintentional deletion of the PST file. Being an Outlook user, you may have got an error message as “The file xxxx.pst cannot be found.”

All you need to do is read the blog until it ends. So let’s start the blog, but before we get to the solution. Let’s see the factor behind this. You can also recover permanently deleted emails in outlook.

Why do we find PST file missing issues? 

Whenever the Outlook PST Files become corrupt or missing, you may get an error message like ‘The file xxxx.pst cannot be found’. This shows that the Outlook PST can not be found or missing.

Generally, this message appears when the PST is using a network server that is currently not available. Another reason behind this is when the PST file is removed or deleted from its actual location.

To fix this Outlook can not be found or missing, you need to wait and view the Outlook after the network server becomes available. If the PST file gets moved from its actual location, you have to locate it and take it back again to its original location or set-up the Outlook settings accordingly. But if in a case the PST file gets deleted permanently, you can make use of a backup copy of the same file if you have. And you can also restore deleted PST files with the help of the ‘Previous Versions’ option of Windows OS.

So here we discussed the various common reasons behind the “Outlook not found” issue. Now, let’s move towards the solution in the below segment. 

Handy Approaches to Recover Missing or Corrupt Outlook PST file

A most general way to recover missing PST files is with the help of the in-built Windows feature known as ‘Previous Versions’. This feature is available in even editions of Windows 7 and the Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions of Windows Vista. This feature stores the older versions of files automatically for disks for which you have enabled System Protection.

The backup is made once in a day, whenever there are any changes in the file or updates. It also a Restore Point is created, and Previous Versions can help you to find if an older version of the Outlook PST file is available. Follow the below-listed steps to recover deleted PST File or missing PST file.

Manual Apparoch

  1. First, navigate to the folder where your PST file is saved.
  2. Now, do Right-click on the Outlook Files
  3. Now go to the menu list, and select Restore previous versions.
  4. Then the Folder Properties dialogue box will be displayed with the Previous Versions tab enabled.
  5. Here Double tap on the most recent folder available to check for the not found PST file(s) or missing Outlook files.
  6. If you get the missing Outlook PST file there, then just copy and paste it to its actual folder location.

So, here we discussed how to deal with the Outlook PST file Missing issue. However, if you don’t get the missing file using manual techniques, then it means that your file is intensively corrupt. Then in such a situation, you may need to use a professional utility such as Outlook Email Recovery Tool. It is the best solution for you with an interactive and user-friendly GUI. This tool helps you to restore the deleted or missing the PST file without any size restrictions. Also, this utility allows you to repair highly corrupt PST Files. 


Here in this article, we discussed methods to recover missing or corrupt Outlook PST files. Somehow if you fail to work with the manual approach, then you can also use a third-party utility like the PST recovery tool. I hope this guide successfully guides you to fix your issue.