Why Convert PST to MBOX? How is it possible?

We always tend to mend objects into another one when it proves to be unproductive with time. Due to PST file corruption, people want to migrate their mail folders to another email client. As migrating PST files to MBOX is the easiest way to save a backup of your important emails, we are going to discuss a way to convert PST to MBOX.

In the work environment, all the systems must work properly to maintain work efficiency. Everyone has heard of Outlook as it is the highest-ranked email client serving the world. It can handle about 100 client emails in a day. First, we need to understand that PST is a personal storage file that is supported only in MS Outlook. Therefore, it can work only with Microsoft utilities.

Now, we are going to focus on the reasons – why PST files need to be exported?

Reasons to Migrate PST to MBOX

MS Outlook is an expensive utility overall. Users consider cheap solutions due to the increased cost of living. After you avail the free version of MS Office, within some time software automatically tells you to purchase the licensed version for a better outcome. Hence, people choose to migrate emails to MBOX because it is free of cost. You can also even import MBOX to Gmail account after conversion.

  • If PST files once get corrupted, you will get stuck for long.
  • As the PST file only works in Outlook. It is beneficial for the user to have a backup of emails or folder in other file formats or email client.
  • To use Outlook users must have access to Windows OS, but using MBOX is much beneficial. MBOX supports almost all operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, etc.

Manual Approach to Convert PST to MBOX

Let’s look at the steps, how to migrate PST to MBOX. The manual method could be life-saving utility if a minimal conversion is needed:

  1. Install the Mac Outlook and run it on the Macbook, to convert.
  2. Select the File and go to Menu. In the import option, select the Outlook file in the new window and then click Next.
  3. To continue, choose the Outlook data files i.e .pst or .olm for Windows and then choose a file type.
  4. Next, upload the PST file and look for the data in the same folder.
  5. Now, drag and drop the PST folder to the desktop. The PST folder will now get converted to MBOX.
  6. Finally, you can import the converted file to the Mac mail without any trouble.

Challenges faced by a user during Manual Approach

Every solution comes with a drawback, as no utility is perfect. The manual method mainly deals with Apple mail MBOX format. The user must have the technical experience to perform a manual approach. It is very time consuming and each step has to be followed efficiently to convert PST to MBOX. However, forgetting a single step could make you lose all your data.

Automated Tool to export Outlook PST to MBOX

After looking at the manual methods let’s also look at the automated tool for more optimized results. One such utility is the PST Exporter. This utility claims to provide the highest productivity rate and includes many more features than just file conversion. If the manual methods fail to provide the optimized solution for the issue try this.

Features of utility

  • Date filter mail sorting
  • Save PST files to various other file formats such as MBOX, HTML, PDF, EML, etc.
  • Safe exportation of a file to the desired format
  • Supports batch conversion
  • This will help users export Outlook PST to MBOX successfully without any data loss.

To sum it up, we have discussed all the possible methods a user can take to convert PST to MBOX. Moreover, using an automated tool is more beneficial in maintaining data security and data integrity resulting in no data alteration. I hope you find this blog useful.

About: Nisha Yadav