Easy Solutions to Convert MBOX files to PDF-[Know Here]

Many cases arise when users need to move their MBOX files into PDF files. Then started searching the methods to convert MBOX files to PDF. So, this entire guide suggests all the ways that help in moving all the MBOX files into PDF files. By reading this guide, you get to know the reasons for it and methods for this conversion.

Now let’s move ahead to understand MBOX and PDF files in detail…..

MBOX is a file format of emails used to send emails through many email clients and is the most popular one used by many users. This format is supported by various email clients such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, and many more email clients.

PDF is a document file format used to save any document file securely. No one can edit this PDF document. It is just a protected file that is only open by any authorized user to edit and modify it. This document always opens by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Why do users want to Save MBOX file as PDF?

Lots of reasons are there behind the conversion process as given below:

  • MBOX file is not a protected format, but PDF is one of the protected file formats.
  • A PDF file can be open anywhere as it is independent of the platform.
  • MBOX file supported by many open-source platforms that are easily accessed by unauthorized users. That’s why users are moving MBOX to PDF. Convert MBOX to EML also works for you.

Let’s start with the methods to export MBOX to PDF…..

Technical Methods to Convert MBOX files to PDF Files –

There are two methods you can perform as mention below:

Method 1: Move MBOX to PDF using Thunderbird Add-On

First, install the Mozilla Thunderbird application. Then follow the below-given instructions:

  1. First, download an Import Export Tools which is a free add-on in Thunderbird application
  2. Go to the toolbar and hit on Tools >> Add-ons
  3. Then search for the downloaded ImportExportTools add-on and install it.
  4. Find the saved path of Import Export Add-on and open it
  5. A new window will open then press on Install Now button
  6. The installation process will start, once done then reboot your PC
  7. Again launch your Thunderbird application and choose the email that you want to move into PDF.
  8. Hit on the Tools >> Import/Export Tools >> Export all messages in the folder
  9. Choose PDF Format from the given list and hit on Ok
  10. A warning notification will occur next, press Ok
  11. Next, choose a Folder and search for the destination location to save the resultant PDF

Method 2: A Profession Approach

Manual Solution becomes lengthy when users perform all the steps. It is a complex process that leads to data loss. Also, it requires lots of time to execute and having low speed. These all are the reasons for not using a manual way. At the place of this, you can choose a professional method such as MBOX Converter utility.

  • It is a better way to convert MBOX emails to PDF directly.
  • This software involves the conversion of MBOX files into PDF instantly without any data loss.
  • The speed of execution is very high, and no expertise needed to run it.
  • Any non-technical user can use it with ease. So, use this method to get the result faster.
Steps to convert MBOX files to PDF using MBOX Converter-
  1. Initially, Launch MBOX Exporter Software and hit on Add Files button  Add files
  2. Select the MBOX file or files that you want to convert or and hit on open. Select the MBOX file or files
  3. A notification of file addition will appear, click on OK. click on OK.
  4. A Path of the chosen file appears. Path of the chosen file appears
  5. Choose the file saving option and select the PDF file format to save as option. Choose other options like ignore duplicate and maintain hierarchy. And hit on Ok. Choose the file saving option
  6. Wait for the saving process to complete. Then tap on OK to finish the process. This will save the MBOX file into PDF successfully.

This guide described MBOX and PDF files in detail and reasons for moving MBOX to PDF files. All the solutions for the migration have been given. We hope, you get all the required information through this guide.

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