Copy Data from One SQL Server to Another

How to Copy Data from One SQL Server to Another?

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Overview: How to copy data from one SQL Server to another? Don’t have any idea, Can you provide me some free solution? Yes, ofcourse, we are here with you. To know the methods read the blog till the end.

The requirement of copying tables from one database to another can be due to many reasons. It can appear in a situation like migration, maintenance, demonstration, transfer to a different instance, testing, and more. Doing is simple and can be done via various ways as SQL Server offers several solutions for the same.

Users experienced with the SQL queries can be executed the same operation in SQL Server without any issue at all. But those who have less knowledge regarding SQL queries and Transact-SQL may find this as a difficult task. Here are some methods to copy the SQL table.

How to Insert SQL Server Copy Data from one Table to another Table in SQL Server Manually?

To know how to copy Table SQL, we need to access the specific database.

Here are the methods to know to copy the data from one table to another in SQL. One can also recover corrupted MySQL Database if faces such issues.

Method#1: How to copy data from one table to another table in SQL Using Query:

This method makes the utilization of SELECT INTO query

Above query copies on the table’s data and the schema. In case if you want to copy constraints, objects, indexes, and triggers, then doing so isn’t possible with the SQL queries or commands. We will discuss later in this blog, to copy the rest of the database items.

Method#2: How to Copy Data From One Table to Another in SQL Server Management Studio

The second method to know “how to copy table in SQL” is using the Export and Import available in SQL Management Studio. Follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, open Server Management Studio
  • From the Object Explorer, do right-click on the database>>tasks>>Select the Export data command
  • Now, specify the Server Name, the source database name, and the Authentication method, and click on Next.

Copy Data from One SQL Server to Another

  • Then, choose the Source Tables and Views wizard will display on-screen. Choose the tables to copy from the source database to destination database and click Next NOTE: To make sure, the tables you choose will be created in the database. Hit on the Edit Mappins and choose the Create a destination Option
  • After checking all the tables via Edit Mappings, hit on Next in the Select Source Tables and Views
  • Now, Save and Run wizard will open, click on Next.
  • Click Finish
    NOTE: Make sure that you have to specify the right names of both Source and Destination. For transfer the tables in SQL from one database to another

Copy Data from One SQL Server to Another

  • Copying these tables in SQL Server using the SQL Server Management Studio is the method to execute the process. But if it fails to copy the tables’ indexes and keys.

When you execute the above method that is associated with the SQL Server database. There are some chances of data loss or risk of SQL Server database file corruption. It can be due to the wrong execution and the bad handling of the database file. To avoid these situations it’s better to use the third-party tool to execute the process with accuracy.

SQL Recovery Tool

Such utility is SQL Recovery Tool. This tool enables you to repair the corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible file of the SQL Server database. By using this tool there is no type of data loss or damage to the original file. It maintains the original file structure and properties


In this write-up, we have discussed two methods on how to copy data from one SQL Server to another. If we compare both the methods then, it’s better to use the third-party tool over the manual approach. By using this tool, there is no chance of corruption and also saves time. It also repairs the file of the SQL Server Database.