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Fixed – Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456 – Login Failed for User Issue

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Microsoft developed a relational database management system known as Microsoft SQL Server. It developed for the primary function of collecting recovered data as needed by different applications. In MS SQL Server, the generic error faced by users is Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456. SQL Error 18456 usually indicates that you have entered invalid login credentials in SQL Database.

Well, no need to worry about Error 18456. I am going to mention a few different solutions to fix the Microsoft SQL Error 18456. Before moving to solutions, Let’s consider the possible reasons for the 18456 error. You can also fix the Linked Server ERROR 7416 Access Denied as No Login-Mapping Exists.

Possible Reasons for Error 18456 in SQL Server

There are different reasons behind the error 18456. Some most possible reasons are mention below:

  • It can be encountered, while login into the SQL Server. It happens due to invalid credentials of SQL Server, either username or password.
  • Possibilities for this error is Windows Authentication. If it is enabled in the security section, then SQL Server refuses to recognize the user.
  • Sometimes, It has been seen the login password is expired, and the expired password can also play an imp role in the appearance of this error. Whenever any user tries to disable the username from the server, It can cause the password to expire.
  • SQL Server Error 18456 arises due to corrupt NDF and MDF files of SQL Server Database.

Now, coming to the solutions to fix the Microsoft SQL Error 18456. Here, I will explain different solutions for you to fix the issue.

Methods to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456

#1. Fix Error 18456 Using SQL Server Management Studio

  • First, Run the SQL Server Management Studio. Next tap to Connect button.
SQL Server Error 18456
  • Now, expand your Server Name, Security, and Logins. then, right-click on the New Login option.
SQL Server Error 18456
  • Here, hit on the Search Button.
Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456
  • Define the Windows User Name and then tap on Check Names.
Login Failed for User
  • Tap on the Server Roles in the left pane, and then check for the sysadmin option, next tap to OK.
Login Failed for User
  • Here, you can confirm it by double-clicking the User name.
Login Failed for User

These are the steps you have to follow in fixing the SQL Server Error 18456. 

#2. Troubleshoot to Fix the Error 18456 in MS SQL Server

To fix the error 18456, Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, Visit Logins options, choose the user you need to check and go to the properties section.
  • Here, you can check whether password expiration is allowed by operating in the General tab option.
  • Later, go to the Status tab and verify whether your account is secured or not. Here, in this case, the Login is secured out option does not begin, and it’s grayed out, which means the account is not secured.

Sometimes, It has been seen that this error 18456 occurs due to corruption in NDF and MDF files of SQL Server Database. So, to repair the corruption in NDF and MDF files, you can opt for a third-party tool.

Repair NDF and MDF Files Using Cigati SQL Recovery Tool

SQL Recovery Tool is a prominent software; that helps to restore & extract SQL Server Database from MDF & LDF files, with 100% data integrity. It supports users to repairs the corrupted SQL Server files and performs all types of SQL database recovery.

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Key Attributes of SQL Recovery

  • It Supports recovery of objects, programmability, triggers, tables, views, stored procedure, default, and other functions.
  • It allows users to recover in dual recovery modes: Advanced & Standard to handle stagings of corruption.
  • Equipped with an option for both SQL Server PAGE-compression and ROW-compression.
  • Developed with a feature to save the resultant database files in SQL scripts.
  • Capable of saving both Unicode and ASCII XML data types SQL Server database.
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Sum Up

Here we have discussed the various reasons of error 18456 in MS SQL Server. Besides, we have mentioned different hand-operated solutions to fix the issue. Moreover, the error 18456 occurs due to corruption in NDF and MDF files. In this case, we strongly recommend you to use the third-party tool to repair the corrupt NDF and MDF files. It also reduces inconsistency and data loss during the restoration of SQL Server database files.